7 Most Common MYTHS about Shopping Debunked

Do you have good shopping habits? Em, probably this is something you never bothered about. Think over it, a bad shopping decision would drain your wallet completely. What is the point of buying something when it does not completely click your mind, or fails to capture your attention? So, learn ways to stop and avoid making bad shopping decisions – what is a myth for you? How do you define it? According to a general definition, Myth is something that is widely accepted, but it is a false perception.


Based on many realities, this excerpt is designed to aware you with various shopping myths. Here are some of the interesting myths that people believe, in fact, they do this every day, and this act drains their wallet. They even fail to realize all this, this damage happens over the time and that even because of them only. A single bad shopping decisions does everything wrong – have a look at the following myths, and then assess yourself:

The bigger the package, the more money is saved

In larger families, mostly joint ones have this kind of a philosophy. However, today world is going towards a different trend altogether. They do not want to get married, they want to exercise freedom or at least live alone for that matter. Therefore, buying in bulk, just because it says you can save more, seriously does not make sense. If they are perishable items, you have to use them at any cost. For example, you wife went out for getting the groceries and she bought 2 big packs of biscuits because they are on discount. Who would eat them at once? It would be there is the closet for like month of more, and ultimately would go in garbage. Be a smart buyer and avoid making such decisions which cause you arm and leg in the end of the day.

The cheap price tag is amazing deal to avail

You must have experienced this particular situation, if not personally gone through this; you must have seen many in the queue. The cheaper price tags would give you the best possible deal. You can never go wrong in such a situation, it is only a myth! What is the point of buying something cheap, if you have to replace the particular item after every while? For example, you went to a super market and saw that shoes are on sale for $2 each. You buy 4 of such pairs happily because they are cheap. Hold on, what’s the guarantee that they won’t hurt you, or work for 6 months or more? Therefore, make sure you buy something worthwhile and sensible to satisfy your need.

Higher the price, the better quality it would be

Many things are simply the mind game, or maybe you are born with this. No in fact, you have learned these so called myths from the surroundings that higher the price, the better the product would be. It is only a tactic to make sure that you spend more than required on a particular item. This is nowhere a criterion to select products from the shelves, make sure you have an eye to identify what’s good and what’s not. But there are also some more ways to save your money like coupon codes. As an online store cache provides 30% off on all product priced over $150; Use the latest cache coupon available at Lavishcoupon.

Salesperson is the best source of information

Who has time to go through the internet and research about various products? I would walk-in and simply inquire the salesperson; he would guide me about the best product. This is the idea of a lousy shopper who does not want to do anything on his own. Salesperson are bias towards product that is beneficial to them, they don’t care what’s your mindset is. One of the research shows that rich people have the habit of inquiring from the sales person, as they don’t have much time to check out products on personal level.

Salesperson thinks the way I do

Any sales person would try and sell that thing which is of great interest to him, firstly. Also, they are clever enough to see how puzzle the customer is between the two or more products, and based on that they play with the mind. So, if you are not able to make right decision for you, than how come a sales guy would do that on your behalf. Think!

I can’t wait till tomorrow, I need it now

Many people love doing this – even if the entire rack is filled with the product, they assume that it would not be there on the rack by tomorrow, so they buy it there and then. There is nothing wrong in it, but this habit makes them bombarded with credit card payments later. Learn to make valid decisions.

I want to go shopping, because I have nothing to do

Anyone who has walked out of home for shopping without being in a mood, it’s simply like driving the car being drunk. Shopping is there to make you feel good, but you have to make sure that you are actually interested in buying the products.

Goran Nikolov is a content writer of Protista, a website where you can find a lot of interesting lists. He is from Macedonia and has a passion to write lists about everything that surrounds him, especially about sports, health, music, technology and history. Goran loves to play basketball in his free time, enjoys playing on his guitar and sharing his thoughts with others.