A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Motorcycle Parts

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Owning a bike is not a piece of cake, especially if you are new in this game. By now, you are probably already familiar with the difficulty of owning one, but what about the time when it comes to some minor or major repairs? Scary, right?! Don’t get me literally, but owning a motorcycle has its cons and this is one of them, especially if you don’t know at least some of the basic repairs. Of course that you can just take your motorbike to the mechanic and let him do the job for you, but believe me this is not the most cost-effective way. What you can do here, is to sit on your computer for a while, get to know the basic motorcycle repairs and buy online motorcycle parts as it will save you a lot of money. However, when buying online motorcycle parts it is of vital importance to understand exactly what you are looking for. The first and most important thing is to understand the types of parts available on the market.

OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts are made by the manufacturer itself. The benefits of investing in them is that they can fit perfectly on your motorcycle, they are quality, reliable, and long-lasting, and it’s the safest choice you have. However, their main downside is that they are the most expensive option you have when compared to the other two options. The aftermarket parts are made by a third party using the specifications of the original manufacturer but they aren’t approved by the manufacturer of the motorcycle. The benefits of investing in some is that they may be more durable than OEM parts, more affordable and easy to find online. And lastly, the used parts are the most cost-effective option on the market but their main downside is that the may not last as long as new.

Buying motorcycle parts online has a lot of benefits than buying the traditional way, so let’s have a look at the things you need to consider when buying online if you want to save tons of money.

Find a Reputable Seller

This seems like an easy task, but with the large selection of OEM, aftermarket and used parts online you may be get tricked and buy the first affordable part that you see online. Well, this is not the way you should buy a part for your motorbike as you need something that will be quality and long-lasting. Instead, do your own research, compare customer reviews, and testimonials, compare prices and quality, and after that find a reliable seller that will give you the best of both worlds, quality products at affordable prices.

Understand the Type of Part You Need

Just like any other specific product, motorcycle parts differ by size and model, which is why it’s important to understand what part you are looking for, especially if you decide to buy online. Buying the wrong part will end up damaging your bike the time when you need it the most, for example, when on the road.

Compare Prices & Quality

When shopping for motorcycle parts and accessories, the last and most important thing you can do is to compare both quality and prices between different vendors. This is of vital importance as on that way you can get the best of both worlds high-quality motorcycle parts at the lowest possible price.


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