Everything you need to know about provent therapy

Provent therapy is the breakthrough treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Proven therapy is portable, disposable and best of all easy to use just too small devices keep your airway open all night plus it significantly reduces snoring. Provent therapy should take some time getting use to like other medical therapies, but stick with it. Provent therapy works by increasing the pressure in your airway when you breathe out. That pressure keeps the airway from collapsing while you sleep. This pressure will probably feel uncomfortable at first, but keep in mind the pressure is a signal that provent therapy is working. Provent therapy should be worn only while you sleep. Simply apply the device and go to bed and just try to fall asleep. Applying it may take some practice, so here are five simple steps to help:

Provent Therapy

Provent Therapy

  • To start, grass the tab and peel the device of the paper backing strip. Be careful to avoid touching the sticky side at the adhesive as much as possible.
  • Next, looking at a mirror align the plastic portion of the program device with your nostrils. Do this by pointing the tabs up towards your eyes, draw your upper lip downward then apply the adhesive to the outside of your nostril. Repeat this on the other side using the second device. The edges of both devices should meet and may overlap in the middle area of your nose.
  • Press down gently on the adhesive to create a seal. Check out that there are no folds and creases that could let air out. Insure that the edge of each device overlaps the middle line on the nostril area. To get tight seal, the nostril and the skin around your nostril should be completely clean and dry. Remove all make up and lotion, wash and dry your face, mustache and nose hair should also be groomed.
  • Each nostril should be covered with the provent therapy device. Using your fingers around the adhesive and the devices to make sure there is a firm steal.
  • Breathe, you will notice an increase pressure in your airway upon exhale, stay relaxed. Is recommended to breathe through your mouth when you are awake and wearing the device. Generally people switch to nasal breathing once they fall asleep.

Here are also few tips to help you get adjusted to using provent therapy. First of all, once you have the device on inhale through either your mouth or through the device whichever is more comfortable for your. You will feel resistance when you exhale through your nose. That means the device is on correctly and it is working. If you prefer to inhale and exhale through your nose while awake, it is important that you thy to not force the push air out. When exhaling, simply relax and allow the air to exit at its natural rate and when you feel that you need a breath, breading.

Also, do not engage in any activity while wearing this provent therapy device, just put it on and go to bed. You may want to keep a glass of water near your bed side in case you wake with a dry mouth. You should be aware it may take anywhere from a single night to an entire week or longer to get used to provent therapy. If you awake during the night and feel uncomfortable, remove the device. This may happen a few nights until you become used to wearing it. And remember, give this time and use all the devices provided in the first pack.

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