Alpha Course – Practical Introduction To Christianity

Do you feel distant from God? You need someone or something to bring your faith in God? Then, you should consider getting the Alpha Course. Amazing DVD version of the most popular course first introduced in 1977 by the Holy Trinity Brompton Church. If you want to understand the essence of the Christian faith and the power of God’s Word, then go through this unique Alpha Course. Few years later, Nick Gumbel transforms the Alpha Course into an effective technique for all people who want to renew their faith in God.

Practical Introduction To Christianity

Nick found a new practical way to introduce people to Christianity. He creates friendly and non-threatening environment where people can discuss on religious themes. People can gather in groups of 30, and discuss on different types of questions like Does life has a meaning?, Who Am I?, Where do I come from? Alpha Course became one of the latest trends in winning the unchruched from Christ. Even Methodists, Anglicans, Baptists, and Catholics use this DVD course to explain even the most ambiguous questions and bring God closer to people’s hearts.

According to the Alpha Course, the message of Jesus Christ changes individual lives, families, marriages. It renews your faith and makes you the person God wants. If you want to get familiar with the basics of the Christianity, then you should buy the new version of the Alpha Course. This DVD contains 2 versions of 15 talks that last from 25 to 45 minutes. Give yourself the opportunity to understand the meaning of life. Get involved in these sessions without any pressure.

Alpha Course teaches people the truth of God. It’s one of the effective ways to reach believers and non-believers in all sorts of spiritual condition. Lots of churches today use the Alpha Course to introduce people to Christianity through talks, small-group discussions and video presentations. This is the most versatile course used in schools, prisons, homes and churches across the entire world. Designed to introduce new believers to Christianity and all biblical doctrines.

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