Amazing Ideas To Add Colour To Your Home

Wondering how to revive the looks and spirit of your home, without spending a small fortune on this creative home project? The answer is simple – colour it! Do not be afraid to play with colours unless you do not know how to combine them to make your living space more pleasurable. Many are too scared to even paint walls in the garage, so let’s not mention how ‘stressful’ it can be when it comes to the living room or the kitchen.

Add Colour To Your Home

The truth is, you only need to find the right colours that will ‘make-up & wake up’ the room and you are all set. Apart from painting the walls, there are also other interesting ways to add more color to your home. Here is how.


Sincerely, can you think of any easier way to introduce a bit of life and freshness to your living space than with some outstanding pieces of artwork? Look for a popular store where beautiful art prints can be found and make sure to hang up few of them on the walls of the rooms where you spend most of the time in. Hence, your bare-looking walls will ‘scream’ vigour and style, which is exactly what you are aiming for, right?


Adding a hand-painted dressing table in the kids’ room or master bedroom is another great idea to change the ambience and create a special feeling of newness. A modern dressing table will help you enhance the room not only with colour, but with authentic simplicity and elegance as well. Moreover, the dressing table will work out as a perfect space-saving solution and compartment for all your everyday accessories.


Believe it or not, but sometimes all you need to do is to throw down a fancy rug to brighten up the room. The rug is the ideal gadget to section-off the area and create blocks of colour where you need them. For example, if you have a visually bare nook in your home, you can go for a brightly coloured rug to tie everything together.


Throw a set of stylish, colourful pillows in your living room lounge area, or if you prefer, you can do that on the king size bed in your bedroom to add a bit of colour into the area. Pillows are definitely a budget-friendly solution that can make a huge impact on the entire design and ambience if you choose the right colours and patters to refresh the space.

source: Milan Direct – Dressing Tables

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