Art Deco Dresses of the 1920′s

The 1920′s were a time of immense social upheaval. This was especially true for women. This was also when art 1920s Art Deco dresses reached the height of popularity. Young women stopped wearing corsets and silky dresses of knee length became the fashion. For the first time, both legs and arms were exposed. These dresses were ultra feminine and paid close attention to detail.

The dresses became narrow and the silhouettes had a somewhat fitted look. Waistlines almost completely disappeared as the new dresses settled around the hips. Many referred to these dresses as flappers. Designers ran with the all the new options suddenly available. New innovations in seaming, luxurious draping and gauzy fabrics were now being used. These dresses were beautifully accented with extravagant bead work and feathers.

1920s Fashion

1920s Art Deco Dresses continued to evolve with surface embellishments and abstract patterns. Glitz, shine and sparkle adorned these magnificent dresses. Fringe was used as yet another decoration, often in layers running down the entire length of the dress. Although the embellishments on the dresses were extravagant, the cuts were simple.

The 1920s was when women’s fashions were perceived to have entered the modern era. The rigidness of the Victorian style was gone. Fashion icons were created as designers like Coco Chanel made the casual, looser fitting dresses the rage. Marlene Dietrich was one of the pioneers of these fashionable dresses and changed the meaning of femininity.

The Cloche hat was created as an accent to 1920s Art Deco dresses. This hat fit closely to the head and accented the dresses beautifully. The style of the flapper dresses became so popular shoes and accessories were created to embellish the look.

Perhaps the most stunning dresses of the era were the evening gowns. The beadwork was formed into shapes and patterns and accented hips and shoulders. Gauzy material draped gracefully across the gowns and bows added just the right flair. Large fluffy feathers were used both in the gowns and the matching head pieces. Femininity, grace and flair became the hallmark of the art deco gown.

By the end of the 1920s, the younger women were not the only ones who had adapted to this new style. The flapper dresses had become quite popular with most of the women of the era. This unique style was not only a reflection of what was happening in the world at the time but had an influence of its own.

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