Artificial Grass: The Perks of Beauty Without Maintenance’s Nitty-Gritty

A lush green backyard is a lovely feature of any home, it enhances the beauty of the living space and can be the best place to relax and unwind after a busy day. All this sounds wonderful, but many of us simply don’t have the time to tend to natural grass and other plants, which are vital elements of a gorgeous outdoor space. Wouldn’t it be great to have a backyard that will required no maintenance, but still look great? Well, you can actually create such a lush and low maintenance backyard and the only thing you need for this is synthetic artificial grass, which is designed to look exactly like real turf.

Artificial Grass Stakes

Synthetic turf was first introduced during the 1960s as a great alternative to natural grass and was initially intended to be used in sporting areas, such as football stadiums. Through the years its use extended into the home due to the many benefits it offers. It’s a great solution for those homeowners who want to enjoy in a green outdoor space, without having to put in any time or effort. No watering or mowing is required and you don’t have to waste money on costly fertilizers and other products because unlike natural grass, which needs all of these to stay healthy and gorgeous, synthetic turf will look amazing no matter what. Furthermore, it has great drainage meaning it will dry fast after heavy rainfall and because it doesn’t require any use of chemicals it’s actually better for the environment than real turf.

Kids’ games, family barbecues, friends’ gatherings you can carry on with your outdoor activities without worrying about damaging the grass. Synthetic turf is designed to be highly resistant to heavy traffic and the elements, so you can have a green backyard even during winter. It’s very easy to install and requires the use of just a few tools and materials. The only things you would need include artificial grass stakes, sharp sand, weed barriers and joining tape. When it comes to tools for your grass installation you should get a spade, hammer, rake and a turf cutter, which are things many people already have in their tool collection.

Before you begin with the installation process, make sure you first remove any existing grass in your backyard with your turf cutter. Next, compact the ground using a spade to prepare it for the installation. To make your backyard look all nice and beautiful you would want to create a decorative edging around your grass. For this you would need artificial grass stakes made from hardwood and rough cut timber. Place the timber where you want the edge of your grass to be and then put some hardwood stakes into the ground, preferably on the inside of the timber.

Finally, you need to screw the timber to the stakes to complete your decorative edging. It’s best to use two layers of artificial weed to ensure no soil would remain exposed. To add a décor touch to your backyard you can place some crushed stones on the grass that would bring more dimension. When the installation process is completed all left to do is pour yourself a delicious drink and enjoy in your wonderful outdoors.

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