Basic Cleaning Products That Are An Absolute Must-Have

There are only few people who can proudly say “I love cleaning, it is one of my favourite home-tasks”. Most homeowners hate the idea of cleaning their houses, simply because they believe it is difficult, exhausting and complicated. Indeed, tackling any kind of cleaning task in your house will be impossible to perform without the essential cleaning tools. There are many different types of cleaning products Australia retailers offer, each promising to make your job easier and simpler. However, there are some tools that are essential for making your cleaning both easy and effective. Regardless of your cleaning needs, the following cleaning products are an absolute must-have and can cover all sorts of cleaning requirements.

Cleaning Products

Swifter Sweeper: The swifter sweeper is a type of sweeper used for dry mopping of hard surface floors. It uses disposable pads, which are far more efficient in collecting dust, dirt and pet hair than any type of broom or sweeper. The swifter sweeper can make the flooring sweeping more effective and easier. Its head is able to make turns, so it can be used for sweeping of tight corners.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner: For small house cleaning jobs, all you need is a dish sponge, a cloth and a quality multi-purpose cleaner. A good multi-purpose cleaner can be used for any surface dirt. If you are a true Do-It-Yourselfer, you will not consider buying from a cleaning products Australia retailer and make your cleaner. Here is how to make your own effective cleaner:

  • Put a couple of tablespoons of distilled white vinegar (or washing up liquid) into a liter of warm water;
  • Shake this mixture thoroughly and pour it into a spray bottle;

Rubber Gloves: Sometimes cleaning involves abrasive products that can do severe harm to your hands, feet or other naked body parts. To protect your hands you need nothing more than a pair of rubber gloves. Rubber gloves are great in keeping your hands clean and safe. They are offered by many cleaning products Australia dealers and are available in many different types, whichever you choose will do the job. It is suggested to have one pair of gloves for cleaning the kitchen and another one for the bathroom.

Windex Window Cleaner: There is no better product than Windex for cleaning glass. This classic window cleaner is the preferred choice for cleaning windows and many other surfaces in your home, such as mirrors, tiles, chrome, stainless steel, etc. Thanks to its iconic formula, it cleans these surfaces very effectively and quickly leaving no streaks behind.

Dish Sponges & Microfibre Cloths: These two are definitely a must-have in everyone’s house. The dish sponge and microfibre cloth is everything that you need to clean your home, since they can be used for cleaning up most surfaces in your home. For heavy scrubbing jobs, dish sponges are perfect, while for places and/or surfaces that require more attention, microfibre cloths are used. The cloths can swipe away even the smallest particles of dirt with a little water on them only.

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