Biggest bank robberies ever

Biggest bank robberies in history

Find out what robberies deserved to be called the biggest bank robberies and all impossible plans that their perpetrators implemented to appropriated millions.

Many say that a bank robbery is the most difficult robbery and it is mainly because of the firm security system of the banks. But for professionals with efficient plan even a bank with the strongest system security system couldn’t stop them. The bank robberies and museum robberies are often a subject of films and novels, but in reality very few people will actually start criminal of this kind. The criteria for entry on this list are that the participants must have gotten away and the amount of stolen money to be… giddy! Remind us if we missed out a robbery that could be called the biggest bank robbery.

Central Bank of Iraq – nearly $1 billion

Central Bank of Iraq – nearly $1 billion

Starting from 18 March in 2003, just a day before the U. S. of America invaded Baghdad, Saddam Hussein stole nearly a billion dollars from the Central Bank of Iraq on several occasions. About $650 million was later found hidden in the walls of Saddam’s house and later in March, Saddam also issued an order for a payment of $920 million in favor of his son, Qusay, who took the money in $100 bills. It was a procedure that lasted 5 hours, but Qusay couldn’t get too far as he got shot by the American troops in a firefight. The remaining of the money are considered lost, as they never were found.

Dar Es Salaam in Baghdad, Iraq – $282 million

Dar Es Salaam in Baghdad, Iraq - $282 million

On 12th July 2007, the employees of the Baghdad’s bank came up to work to see the doors unlocked, the vault open and all the money gone. More than a quarter of a billion dollars were stolen in event in which is believed that three guards at the bank made off with impressive amount of money in their pockets. It is still unclear why the bank had such a large amount of cash all in US currency and it is suspected that the guards had assistance of militias to avoid detection at the security checkpoints around Baghdad. Having $282 million in the boot of your car would surely raise suspicions and it is believed that without help from militias they’ve couldn’t done it. None of the money was recovered and though this criminal act has never been brought to justice, this robbery did not receive big media coverage.

The British Bank of the Middle East- nearly $100 million

The British Bank of the Middle East- nearly $100 million

In 1972, The British Bank of Northeast was robbed by a group of terrorist led by Yasser Arafat. As war is never cheap, their purpose was to robe as many banks as they can in Lebanon, which at that time was burdened by civil war. The biggest robbery they have made was in the “British Bank of the Middle East”, taking away nearly 25 million pounds (counting inflation today that would be approximately $100 million) along with jewels and gold. The terrorists broke into the bank blasting the wall of a catholic church, which was adjacent to the bank and the group also had an expert in picking locks from Corsica who did his job flawlessly. They took all the money, jewels and gold through the church in two days procedure. Though the money has been recovered in some extent, the robbers were never captured.

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