Biggest Reasons Your Kid Needs Sleep

Once the hour ticks eight, it is all quiet in our home. My two kids Joanna and Bob are sleeping soundly. Me and my wife sleep-trained them since they were born, and our routine has stayed the same till this day. They have dinner, wash their teeth and off to bed they go.

Childrens Beds

Parents often feel that sleep directly affects his children’s mood, health, learning and behaviour. Pediatricians say the newest discoveries suggest that sleep is fundamental to good health. When your kids get enough sleep, they have lower chances of getting diabetes, becoming overweight, and having and attention disorders.

Getting enough sleep is important as eating healthy and exercising. It is when the body regenerates neurotransmitters that help the brain cells communicate. Experts have proven that sleep gives the opportunity to take out the toxins from your body while sleeping. Buying the right childrens beds online or in a store, will have an positive impact on every aspect of your child’s life. Here are some few other reasons why your child needs to have a good bed.

Sleep bolsters growth

You probably remember when your parents told you before you went to sleep “Sleep more so you will grown tall and big”. Medically is proven that growth hormone is primarily emitted during sleep. Human nature and biology protects babies leaving them in a state of 50% of their time in sleep mode, to stimulate their growth.

Helps the cardiovascular system

Doctors claim that sleep protects your kids from cardiovascular damage due to increases circulating hormones and protects damaging the arterial wall. Kids with sleep disorders can induce fighting mechanism and can wake up in the middle of the night.

Sleep influences weight

There are many studies which prove that getting not enough sleep can be a cause for overweight. There are number of techniques that parents can teach their children to know the difference between hunger and other distress causes that will start to soothe the feeding and give them the ability to recognize one from the other.

Sleep helps the immune system

While sleeping, children produce cytokines (proteins), which the body depends on to fight infection, stress and illness. Lack of sleep impacts the numbers of cytokines created. It has been found that adults who who sleep less than the recommended, are more likely to develop a cold because they are more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. While there is no study data about kids, studies made on teenagers reported that the illnesses decrease with longer sleep.


We all need sleep, even as adults we can not function without it. Satisfying the need of sleep for your children is very important. As a parent I can tell you after I changed their routine, stopped giving them caffeine products, their immune system and their physical development went in a straight positive line. The most important part of their sleep is their bed. Do not save money, get the best one there is. From anatomical, to the most crazy car, or the minion bed when searching for your children’s bed online or in a retail store, get the best one and you will get that fulfilling feeling in your soul and heart.

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