3 Best Bits And Baubles For Your Wardrobe

What do you get when you have a woman who makes a statement with no form of punctuation? A well-dressed woman with no accessories. Accessories, ladies, are what raise your game from lovely to marvelous. Granted you don’t want to ransack your treasure chest for baubles and bits to overwhelm your ensemble like some fortune-telling gypsy. No. No, just a touch here and a little finesse there are all it takes to claim your fashionista status. The question ultimately becomes what simple accessories are instant go to items. What can make your ensemble pop? And what never fails when you want to be simple and stunning in the same breath? Well if we were mixing a cocktail, here’s a list of 3 must have ingredients to turn your wardrobe from bumpkin to cosmopolitan.

Best Bits And Baubles For Your Wardrobe

Best Bits And Baubles For Your Wardrobe

Ring a ling, ling. Rings are the perfect gesture for pairing with gorgeous gowns, kaftans, and maxi dresses. Nothing too bawdy or bling is necessary. Remember, less is more. Camilla’sAngle Diamond Dot and Balance and Armor Ring set are the perfect answer to the “What do I wear with this dress?” question. The Armor Ring is a tall plated ring meant to be the centerpiece of your hand. The Balance rings are gold and silver and compliment anything your wardrobe is willing to dish out. These 24 karat gold and silver rings look fabulous on the hand with their clean cut and simple design. Don’t complicate things by adding a bunch of other meaningless rings from your high school reunion. This ring set alone says it all.

Necklaces are a dream for that plunging neckline you’ve been afraid to take out on the town. “I feel so naked with this on” were your initial thoughts. You felt naked because there was absolutely nothing to compliment your gorgeous bone structure on your plunging V cut. Now there is. The Scarlet Astoria Bib Embroidered Necklace drapes fabulously around the collar bone, bedazzled with a multicolored embellished front and dyed fringing. You’ll look radiant with this about your neck. Another brilliant choice is the Gold Multi Strand Bead Necklace. This shoulder harness comes in gold beading and leaves and drapes across the front and back fabulously. You’ll look like Cleopatra when you wear this. And why shouldn’t you?

Look like Cleopatra

Bracelets and bangles are made for those sleeveless adjustable spaghetti strap numbers. Maybe you have tattoos. Maybe you don’t. But your arms are bare and begging for some fashion love when you step out in a strap dress or gown. One or two St. Claire Armlet Bangles will look absolutely phenomenal. Fashioned from silver with an antique finish, this bangle is all sorts of beautiful. And so are you when wearing it. Imagine how understated and simply stunning you’ll be in your sleeveless kaftan or maxi dresses with this bangle on your upper arm, showing off the work you’ve put in at your Pilates class. And trust me, silver looks good on anything.

Some honorable mentions: scarves and hats. These can be either weather specific or devil may care. Pair with prudence and a strong sense of identity. And when you need some extra tips on what to wear, head over to Camilla’s Twitter feed to see what Ms Franks is dishing out. Follow at @CamillaWithLove. Now that you’ve mastered the art of subtlety, go dazzle the world.

source: Nail Art Designs 4 All

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