Boost Performance and Increase Fuel Efficiency on Your Toyota 4×4

Versatile rough terrains can sometimes prove to be quite the rival to your 4×4 Toyota and a real trouble-maker for you as an off-road enthusiast. For that reason, it is more than important that you know your vehicle well and do everything in your power to take its performance to a superior level. Whether you drive the popular and widely used Land Cruiser 70 series, Hilux or Highlander, read on to find out how to overcome literally any obstacle and get more power out of your diesel engine. The next time you put your foot on the gas pedal feel the mighty roar!

4x4 Toyota

When we are talking off-road, four-wheel-drive vehicles and turbo-diesel engines go together like bread and butter. Whether you are just a weekend enthusiast or prefer to go on longer off-road adventures, a diesel engine should be your first choice. It’s the off-road standard for decades. Ever reliable and fuel-efficient, I don’t see any reason to question this magnificent combo (diesel engine and 4wd).

Now, regarding what we previously said about more raw engine power, I would like to recommend a very simple method (call it an upgrade indeed). Install an aftermarket exhaust system. Yes, it’s that simple. With the market in Australia being swarmed with quality Toyota exhaust systems, order yours online or buy from a store and upgrade to a much better option than the stock market exhaust.

Why? Because manufacturers build their stock exhausts with a few things in mind that stand between you and real performance – mufflers installed for noise reduction and some filters and converters to prevent or minimise emission. Also, they manufacture their products according to the country’s noise and emission regulations.

But, whatever the reasons that deny you accessing the real power of your Toyota, there is consensus that stock exhausts are pretty much bad. They are made from much cheaper metal so the manufacturers can save some money on mass production. So, know this – your stock exhaust is not the place to look for more power or fuel economy. Instead, do yourself a favour, search the market and buy a quality new Toyota exhaust systems. After receiving it, be sure to take it to a professional for proper installation.

It’s not a magic trick but it’s something that is underlooked by newbie off-road enthusiasts. The benefits are pretty plain and there is an obvious improvement that can be seen and felt. With a quality Toyota exhaust systems you can get more performance out of your 4wd and in return, the engine doesn’t have to bother working harder to generate more power. You will even get a little bit of fuel economy.

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