Can Hypnotherapy help you stop smoking?

It has been established that smoking is nothing more than a very bad and boring habit. And as a subconscious habit, it is created and controlled in your mind, and that is exactly where it should be tackled to be eliminated. Smoking has no positive effects on your health. It may calm you down for a minute, but that’s it. The negative effects on the other hand are many: from bad breath, bad smell on your clothes, terrible tired look on your face to lung cancer and cancer on your mouth and throat and many other diseases. So should you be thinking about a stop smoking therapy? Definitely. Besides counseling, chewing gums, patches and lozenges, you can also try hypnosis. Having in mind that smoking is a habit created in the mind, hypnosis is thought to be the best stop smoking therapy to help you tackle down the problem in it’s core.

Stop smoking therapy

You probably think that hypnosis has something to do with old doctors with long beards waving a clock in front of your eyes and whispering into your ears the very famous “ Listen to my voice” statement. No, nothing like it. Hypnosis is actually an altered state of awareness in which you appear to be sleeping or in a trance, but are fully aware of everything around you. It doesn’t work with clocks. The process of hypnosis starts with a phone consultation with the practitioner. Than an in-person appointment is made. And finally, the session. Most doctors suggest that sessions should be individual rather than in groups, since group sessions do not result in much success.

Hypnosis as a stop smoking therapy works like regular hypnotherapy would. The practitioner starts with teaching the patient some techniques of breathing and visualization. After you relax enough, and enter that so called altered state of awareness, your practitioner will start saying things like “ I hate smoking” or “I hate the smell of cigarettes on my clothes”. After some time with this tempo on, you are awaken. Basically, hypnosis as a stop smoking therapy comes down to manipulating the part of the brain that thinks smoking is cool, into thinking it isn’t.

Results of this stop smoking therapy vary, but studies have shown that they are mainly positive. Hypnotherapy is not a silver bullet, and since it’s a technique where the mind is manipulated , the first thing you should do in order to feel the effects, is to have a strong will to quit smoking for good. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and at the first stressful situation you won’t resist the temptation.

In conclusion, if you are ready to take the step and fight this nasty, harmful habit, try this stop smoking therapy. Do your research and find a good practitioner. He should be licensed, trained and have good credentials. And the most important thing is to be very aware of guarantees. Hypnosis as a stop smoking therapy does not work for everyone, and you should avoid practitioners that guarantee you success.

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