Can the size of your plate help reduce weight?

Losing weight is really hard without a proper diet. It is harder to lose weight than maintain your body in shape, but with food control and sports, you can achieve your goal of a great body. The food is the most important part of how your body looks, and if you can control your diet, it will be easier to lose weight. Tricks that help you control your diet can help you achieve your goal.

Can the size of your plate help reduce weight?

Can the size of your plate help reduce weight?

The plate size

Portion control is essential for a healthy diet. When you eat, your brain perceives your food portion relatively into your plate. If your plate is full or has the entire surface covered with food, your brain will perceive it as a big and enough serving of food and after eating you automatically will feel satiated. You can take advantage of this fact and use it in your favor. Replacing your standard sized plate with a smaller one and filling it, you will perceive your food as enough even if you reduce the quantity, and you will feel full.

Plate décor

Arranging food on plate is also important. You can obtain the effect of a full plate if you know how to distribute your food on the plate. This trick works as a placebo effect and it has a powerful impact on your eating style. If you arrange what you eat to cover the entire plate, you will fell same effect as eating a bigger portion. As an example, covering the plate with salad when you eat a small portion of food will create the feeling of a full meal while you are eating less.

Plates instead bowls

It is preferable to eat from a plate than a bowl. Bowl has a smaller surface where you can see your food and can hold more food while plates are not so deep. Also, it creates an idea of eating a lot of food and makes you feel full.

Plate color

The color of your plate plays an important factor and it can influence your appetite. Eating from a plate colored in red, orange or yellow plate incite your appetite, make you eat more and get fat. This is why fast food restaurants is colored in such a way. You should eat from a dark colored plate which will inhibit your hunger.

Calories amount

Calorie amount is the most important point of a diet and also in weight loss. Every day your body consumes a large number of calories. There are several factors that play in your calorie intake. You should not exceed that number, but also you must not starve. To be also satiated and not to overcome calorie numbers, you should find a balance between how much you eat, and how much you think you should eat. The easiest way to balance is to combine the food you need with the plate that gives you the filling you eat enough.

In conclusion, when you decide you want to lose some weight and also you want to feel satisfied eating you should use the perfect type of plate and not abuse of unhealthy food. To control weight, one should reduce the portion of food. To better one’s health life, one should ensure that they have their insurance covered through the EHIC card. This is simply a social security scheme which enables members of EAA countries and Switzerland to receive medical treatment within another state for free or at reduced costs.

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