Causes Of Hair Loss In Women: Sign That Something Is Awry

One of the things women fear most is hair loss. Hair loss is a condition that can literally break any woman, as it affects their visual look and it strongly affects their self-confidence. The main causes of hair loss in women may occur due to genetics and too much hair exposure to heat and teasing. However, regardless the causes of hair loss in women, today’s technology has advanced a lot, and there are some hair loss solutions that can help in hiding these flaws. Clip in hair extensions, genuine hair wigs, as well as some hair loss treatments has proven to be one of the best hair loss solutions so far.

Hair Loss In Women

But, how can one prevent hair loss? Are there any signs or symptoms? Of course there are, but they are usually neglected by most of us. That’s why we have prepared a list of the most common signs of hair loss with hope that we can spread some brain awareness of this devastating condition.

Low Thyroid – You’ve probably heard of thyroid issues. Today more and more people both men and women, struggle with thyroid problems and most of them don’t even know about it. Many studies have shown that a low thyroid is the most common cause of hair loss in women. So, if you still haven’t done any test related to thyroid do it ASAP!

Too Much Estrogen – Estrogen is a hormone that likes to dominate, bu too much estrogen in your system can be a result of perimenopause or excess weight. This can lead to continual depression, fatigue, weight gain and of course hair loss.

Since estrogen is easily metabolized, our body should break it down before estrogen builds up in our blood. But when it’s too much of it and our body simply cannot metabolize it fast enough, we run into health problems, often evidenced in thinning hair.

High Testosterone – Another possible reason for hair loss is too much testosterone. Maybe some of you didn’t know, but women also produce the hormone testosterone. In fact, this is the hormone that gives us self-confidence, gets us in the mood and keeps us vital. However, if testosterone levels are too high in women regardless the reason (for ex. excess weigh, menopause), you can easily see male-pattern baldness signs on your head and rogue hair growth on your face. Totally unfair, but totally possible! Thus, it is always good to make make regular blood tests in order to prevent something unwanted on time!

Low Iron And Amino Acid Lysine – A research has shown that 90 % of women with thinning hair have deficit in iron and amino acid lysine. Whether this is a result of a poor diet or another imbalance, you must fix it!

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