How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves for You

Boxing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. So, it’s important to protect yourself during training with the right fighting equipment. Boxing gloves are essential pieces of equipment for training. They protect you and your opponent from pain and injury. Without boxing gloves and hand wraps, there will be more than expected broken hands and faces, since the bones in the hands and face are very short and fragile.

The earliest form of boxing gloves originated in Greece and consisted of leather straps that had studs embedded in them. They were meant to inflict pain rather than reduce it. However, nowadays boxing became more civilized and boxing gloves are made out of better materials. There is a broad selection of various styles and weights, so choosing the right pair of gloves can be little confusing. Here’s everything you should know boxing gloves.

Types of boxing gloves

There are many different types of gloves, but the two most common types of boxing gloves are bag gloves (also known as training gloves) and sparring gloves.

Bag gloves are specifically designed for hitting the heavy bag and the double end bag. They protect your hands from injury during training. Bag gloves come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes ranging from 12oz, 14oz, to 16oz and more. However, for beginners – a 12oz training glove is a good place to start.

Boxing Gloves

Sparring gloves are the type of gloves boxers wear when they step in the ring. These gloves also come in various sizes from 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz to 16oz. For training, boxers use 16oz gloves, but in competitions they use 10oz gloves. Most boxing gloves are pre-molded which means that they are already formed in a fist shape. All you need to do is to slide your fingers into the gloves and they will naturally curl while keeping your thumb in a proper position. Gloves that are not molded require you to form a fist to make the hitting surface.

How to pick the right size?

The most common sizes of boxing gloves are 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. Bigger gloves have more padding which means that they offer better protection. However, if you’re walking to a boxing gym for the first time, all you need to start are 12oz bag gloves and hand wraps. For sparring, you will need to buy 16oz gloves, while for amateur competitions you will need lighter 10oz gloves.

Here are some general guidelines to help you pick the right size of boxing gloves you should use according to your weight.

Weight Size

  • 120 lbs and down 12oz or 14oz
  • 120 lbs – 150 lbs 14 oz or 16 oz
  • 150 lbs – 180 lbs 16oz, 18 oz or 20 oz
  • 180 lbs and up 18 oz and up

Choose boxing gloves that fit you

After deciding what size and color of boxing glove you need, the best way to buy gloves is to wrap your hands and try them on. Your boxing gloves should be tight, but not to the point where you stop the blood circulation to your hands. They should be comfortable and they should perfectly fit your hands, wrist, and fingers.

Invest in a pair of high-quality gloves from a reputable manufacturer. If you’re wondering whether to buy leather or vinyl gloves, choose the leather boxing gloves with a Velcro fastener. They’re more expensive but they are resistant to tears and scrapes and will last you a long time. Vinyl gloves are cheaper than the leather ones and the material will wear out quickly, so you’ll end up buying new gloves again.

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