Couch Beds: A Practical Addition to Any Living Room

If you are planing on buying a new sofa for your living room, it may not have crossed your mind to consider a cough bed. Considered in the past a cheap, uncomfortable option compared to a real settee as well as not as durable and long-lasting as a real bed, couch beds have become popular in the last years and are see today by many as a functional yet comfortable sleep solution for houses with limited space.

Couch Beds

Take a look at the benefits you will enjoy by choosing couch beds over traditional settees.

Dual Functionally

A cough bed serves two purposes: a stylish place to sit and a practical place to sleep or accommodate guests. In other words, it is an amazing way to make the most of your space. Meeting different needs makes it a highly practical choice as you don’t have to worry about having a bed and a sofa overtaking a room.

A Variety of Styles

Nowadays, couch beds are available in a wide range of styles, which means you don’t have to sacrifice style in the name of practicality. Fabric cough beds will feel right in a home with a country rustic design while a leather couch bed will be the perfect addition to an ultra-modern and sophisticated interiour design aesthetic. If you have children, leather couches may also be a great option for you as they make quicker and easier cleaning away spillages.

Better Sleeping Option for Guests

When you consider your alternatives, a couch bed is usually the most comfortable option as well as the most convenient choice for accommodating your guests. It is easy to set up than inflatable mattresses and far more comfortable to sleep on than a futon. A good night’s sleep leads a variety of health and wellbeing benefits. Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy these benefits by providing them a comfortable place to sleep and wake happy and refreshed.

Convenient Set-Up

The majority of couch beds available on the market come with a fast setup that allows you to simply remove the scatter cushions and pull out the bed with its built-in mattress. This means that there is no pressure to set up the room for your guests straight away, so you can relax with the confidence that creating a comfortable bed for the night at the end of the evening will be a piece of cake.

Storage Options

Sofa beds offer space saving convenience but you may be concerned where you will store the extra bedding? If storage is a problem you can consider getting a corner sofa bed as the chaise end conceals a useful storage space that you can use to pack away duvet and pillows with easy.

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