Dentist Tools Used for Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Are you struggling with major teeth issues like, gaps in-between teeth, missing teeth, misshaped teeth, or gummy, yellow or brown teeth smile is what makes you uncomfortable and annoyed? Do you know that the cosmetic dental technology has gone beyond all our expectations and, nowadays, people who deal with the worst tooth problems can have them resolved in no time?

The experienced cosmetic dentists (to be able to do various procedures and to resolve the most difficult tooth problems) must arm themselves with the right instruments that they can use in many upcoming treatments.

Cosmetic dentists

It is impossible for one cosmetic dentist to start doing cosmetic procedures such as veneers, crowns and bridges, or composite restoration if he does not have the basic set of instruments which are: mouth mirror, explorer and cotton(college) pliers,plastic instrument, burnisher, chisel, high speed handpiece, slow speed handpiece, syringe, upper, anterior and lower forceps and many others.

Let’s see briefly, why each of them is used for?

Mouth mirror is the essential tool that allows the dentist to obtain a closer look of a patient’s tooth surface, eventual pits or periodontal pockets, or another tissue problems. They come in a vast range of sizes; it’s up to your dentist’s choice which size he will use.

Tooth explorer is another significant instrument while having your teeth repaired. It is used for verification of soft spots in the enamel, that actually might be a decay or fractures, that otherwise, cannot be seen with a naked eye. This tool consists of two sharp edges, one of which is a cavity finder and the other periodontal probe.

Cotton or college pliers are actually in a shape of tweezers that dentists use to pick up small objects in the mouth (that they use to stop blood bleeding), like gauze, cotton rolls or another object.

Plastic instrument is used by cosmetic dentists for molding and contouring the composite material. It’s double-headed and oftentimes has a plugger on one head that helps dentists to compress the material into the prepared cavity.

Burnisher is among many other necessary tools that cosmetic dentists use to condense and smooth the dental material. The most common type has one rounded head and one pointed that serve for easier contouring.

Chisel is a small-headed instrument that is used by the cosmetic dentists in cases when an existing crown has to be removed.

High Speed Handpiece is an instrument that causes discomfort within patients because of the sound it produces. Another name for this essential tool is a drill; it is used in many dental procedures for cavity preparation.

High Speed Handpiece

Slow Speed Handpiece is another twin instrument to the above mentioned one. It is used for polishing the crowns or to clean the surfaces of the teeth.

Syringe is the instrument that gives us goose bumps every time the dentist holds it in his hands ready to administer the local anesthesia into the tooth.

Upper, anterior and lower forceps are all implemented for extractions or removal of upper posterior, anterior or lower posterior teeth in one quick motion.

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