Different Massaging Techniques Provided by Massage Therapy Schools

It is an obvious question, what one can expect from a particular kind of massage therapy. And the answer depends on how many kinds of therapies are there which are practiced in the market. In the following paragraphs you will get to know about different massage techniques provided by massage schools.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

There are actually, hundreds of massage therapy variations. And these variations come due to factors such as techniques, skills, tools and equipments, region, etc. The information of each and every technique can be immense for you. In fact, for the body work students, the beginners in the professional body work field or even for massage therapist continuing education in bodywork, all information regarding the various types of massage therapies that are practiced in the market, can be overwhelming. Therefore, in general most body work professional and massage therapist distinguish the massage techniques into 6-10 basic forms. This helps in understanding the basics of different massage techniques and also in categorizing them.

Some of the popular massage techniques that are practiced for relaxation and stress relief by massage therapy schools, and will be elaborated in the lines to come are:

  • Swedish Massage Therapy
  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
  • Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Swedish massage therapy is applied by continuous long and sweeping strokes called effleurage. It is performed at the beginning and end of a massage session. Another technique called petrissage is also applied in Swedish massage therapy. In this technique muscles are worked on like kneading dough. Along with these two techniques, rhythmic tapping (called tapotement) are also performed on the muscles. All the movements in these techniques are focused, fast and percussive.

In Hot Stone massage therapy, the tensed muscled are relieved by applying pressure on them by hot massaging stones. In this technique, a person’s body is weighted down with smooth hot massaging stones and s/he is allowed to rest for a length of time, relaxing the fatigued muscles. Also, in this technique the bodywork professional or the massage therapist gives the massage by rubbing actual smooth hot stones.

A Deep Tissue massage therapy involves a technique in which deep pressure is being applied on a specific group of muscles. It can be a bit uncomfortable and uneasy for people. But the pressure applied is controlled and ensures relief from pain and the release of tension from the entangled muscles. This massage therapy is generally applied when treating stiff and aching trouble spots like – under shoulders and neck.

Trigger point massage therapy also focuses on specific group of muscles in specific areas of body, reliving tensed and aching muscles. In this technique, the massage professional locates the tensed area in the body and twists it applying deep and controlled pressure. The procedure is mostly applied on the people suffering from poor blood circulation and problem with body posture.
You can get massage therapy as well as the lessons of how to perform the therapy in a good massage therapy school. These schools specialize in giving training for massage therapy to bodywork professionals and therapist. Also, their package session comes at a handy cost. So, if you want to get some insight into the massage therapy techniques and variations, you can learn it from such schools.

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