Dining Tables: Touching Upon the Most Prominent Syles

dining tables

There comes a time when changing some furniture piece in your home is inevitable. If you plan to get rid of the dining table you have since ever, you will probably want to choose something that is both stylish and quality. And since the dining table is the place where you gather with your family and friends for lunch, you need to choose one that is well crafted and durable. Dining tables can be a costly investment (especially if you are going to choose one with a set of 6 chairs) which is why you need to carefully consider all the options on the market. Personally, I wouldn’t change the sturdy hardwood dining tables for nothing, however, there are some other durable solutions that can spruce up your dining room. Let’s see the fanciest, most popular and yet sturdy.

Go for a Wood – The Hard One

If you are like me, a fan of the sturdy things that are meant to last forever, I strongly recommend you to choose a dining table made from a hardwood. Oak, walnut, teak, maple, and mahogany are just some of the wood types you can choose, and you can be sure that by choosing that type of a dining table you will use it at least for 25 years. What’s more, the warmth they bring in your home cannot be compared to no other material.

Glass At Its Finest

The main difference between wooden and glass dining table is that the glass ones can be easily matched with almost any style. And because of its transparency and reflectiveness, these tables are great for the “darker” places that need a dash of light and brightness. But don’t think that today’s glass tables are like the older version ones (the ones from our grandparents times). Today they are made under specific instructions which means that they are more resistant to heat and scratches, and finally, its simplicity and clean lines give you the opportunity to match it with different types of chairs.

Go for Marble to Impress Your Guests

If you are willing to spend more, and if you are falling for the more luxurious stuff, I suggest you to invest in a marble dining table. These tables are super fancy and the marble’s appeal will add a dash of charm and style to any dining area. There’s only one downside, if you plan to use it on a daily basis, you need to be extremely careful. No matter how heavy and sturdy material it is, marvel is prone to stains and cracks which mean that you should always cover your table when dining and clean it on a daily basis. If this is not a problem for you, great, go for it!


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