Electrical Enclosures

An electrical enclosure is a metal box, which is designed to provide protection for the electrical equipment, which is used as a power source in places where there isn’t a steady electricity flow. The inner part of the electronic enclosures enables mounting of electrical components such as displays, switches and knobs.

The main purpose of use of this type of protective items is preventing users and people moving around the place to incidentally come in touch with the electrical equipment. The electrical enclosure provides secure protection not only for the users but for the electrical equipment as well. It keeps the parts of the electrical system protected from environmental factors such as dirt, water, dust, snow, wind, ice, etc.

Electrical Enclosures

Electronic enclosures are safe and cost efficient solution, and far more reliable option than buying or hiring a bulky and noisy generator, which can be a costly investment and not so efficient solution for providing the power you need. You can use an electronic enclosures at any site where you need a temporary power source, such as at a construction work site, villa, campsite or many other outdoor spaces.

No matter where you need to use the enclosure, you can be sure that your electrical equipment is protected not only from environmental factors, but from human factor as well. These protective elements can be secured with a key, triangle lock or a padlock, which enables high level of protection from unauthorized access.

Electronic enclosures come in a variety of materials designs and sizes, which makes it easy for you to select the most suitable electrical enclosure to match the specific power distribution needs and requirements on your residential or commercial site. The most common materials used in the production of electronic enclosures are aluminum, stainless steel, rigid plastic and other types of sturdy metals.

To choose the suitable size and material for your site, the main factors that you need to take into consideration are the capacity of the power source (the peak amount of power it generates), and the placement of the enclosure, or more specifically whether you plan to install it in outdoor or indoor settings.

The use of electronic enclosures is mandatory for a specific category of industrial sites. There are strict regulations implying protection of the electrical equipment by using enclosures in hazardous areas, such as coal mines and industrial plants where dangerous chemicals are used.

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