Essential Network Cable Tools For Network Installation

To connect one, two or more computers and networks, you need to establish a secure network connection. There are two types of connections: wireless and wired connection. Although wireless method is increasingly popular, the proven and reliable method with network cables is definitely the best way. But, to install a network cables connection and transfer data across your internal network and on the Internet, you need to use network cable tools. There are many different network cable tools and they are all of great importance, in order to ensure no cable damage nor breakage will occur once the connection is established. With network cable tools, you can put your mind at peace and have a secure connection for many years to come. Here are the most essential network cable tools used for network installation.

Essential Network Cable Tools

Punchdown Tool: This tool is one of the most important network cable tools, if not the most important one. The punchdown tool is used to insert a wire into insulation-displacement connectors. It certainly enhances the accuracy and reliability of the network connection, which means the network connection will not require often repairs. Also, the punchdown tool makes the network cables installation much easier, because it has a blade that cuts off the excess wire.

Professional Scissors: Professional scissors are also essential, because the provide a clean, safe and quick wire cut. Most network cable installation jobs must cut excess wires or cables and the best way to do that is using scissors made especially for network installation. There are professional scissors models with a uniquely designed handle that provides more cutting with less efforts.

Cable Stripper: Not only network installation jobs, but any job that includes cables requires a cable stripper. The cable stripper is a small and efficient device that quickly removes the outer insulation from unshielded cables. There are many alternative ways of removing the outer insulation, such as a scissor or pocket knife, but with those improvised tools you can easily end up damaging the cable or your hand.

Cable Tester: To save yourself from costly repairs in near future, you must test your network connection before use. Once you have installed all the cables, you should use a cable tester to check the network connection. Cable tester is certainly one of the most essential network cable tools, as it ensures that every cable is safe to use before installment.

Most of the cable or network damages occur as a consequence of not using proper equipment during the installation process. So, when establishing your next network connection, make sure it will last by using the most essential network cable tools.

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