Features That Make Oak Timber Flooring the Ideal Solution for Any Home

Functional and stylish flooring makes the best foundation of a well-designed and comfortable home. These days the options of flooring materials and styles are more varied than ever before there is a flooring type to match pretty much any interior design. When on the topic of flooring materials, nothing beats the timeless elegance of hardwood flooring, which takes the lead as one of the most commonly used flooring materials in both traditional style and more modern homes. The rich honey colours for which the oak wood is famous for can infuse your living space with a dose of unique charm and comfort and enhance the aesthetics value of your home.

Oak Timber Flooring

The sole fact that oak is recognized as one of the most durable of all types of floor timber says a lot about the value and quality that this flooring material can deliver to the walking surface in any room in the house. Just a few other natural materials have such strength and resistance to wear and tear as oak timber flooring. A quality oak wood actually ages just as good as red wine, so you can enjoy the beauty of chic and durable floors for years to come. Let’s take a look at some other features that make oak timber flooring the ideal solution for any home.

Durable yet comfortable walking surface

Due to sturdy and dense texture of the oak wood, this type of timber flooring won’t damage as easily as other wood species, such as maple which can be prone to scratching. When installed properly, oak flooring provides a strong and comfortable walking surface that adds function, style and elegance to entire home. Since the look of oak improves over time, the flooring often doesn’t require any refinishing and easily maintains its rich natural grain and colour.

Cleaning oak floors can be a breeze

When compared to other flooring options such as carpets, which need regular vacuuming, oak floors are very simple to keep clean and usually require little maintenance. Many oak floors have been treated to be resistant to stains and damage. Keep in mind however that for any wood material, it’s would be best to avoid using abrasive cleaners and cloths that can damage their surface. The only thing you need to remove any stains from your floor is a wet mop or a stem vacuum cleaner. Most hardwood floors usually require cleaning once or twice a week.

Suitable flooring material for any area in the home

Oak floors is highly resistant to insect pests and fungal attacks, which makes them the ideal flooring solution for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, oak is available in a variety of colours and finishes which means it can suit the design and specific needs of any area in the house. White oak in particular is quite resistant to moisture, making it a great choice for such areas as the kitchen. Black and red oak floors have a rich grain and are also very resistant to damage. They can be the ideal solution for the living room and dining room and instantly infuse these main areas for entertainment and relaxation and family gatherings with drama and elegance.

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