Few Questions You To Ask Your Local Movers

Having to choose a reliable moving company that you can trust your valuable possessions is not an easy task.

Local Movers

To help you select a trustful moving company, here is a list with few questions for you to ask your local movers when looking around. Aside of that, it is also a good idea to check with your local moving and storage association to become familiar with the regulations that apply to movers in your area.

1. Is the moving company licensed? Make sure to select only licensed moving companies.

2. Which charging method does the moving company use? For example, by the hour? The majority of reliable local movers usually charge by the hour for local moves, and often there is a one or two hours minimum. Long distance moves are usually regulated and based on kilometers and weight.

3. Does the moving company charge extra for larger items such as large screen televisions, piano or any extra issue with stairs during the movie? This is pretty common and will vary by company.

4. What payment options do they offer? Reliable local movers will accept all forms of payment. Be aware of companies that accept only cash.

5. Does the moving company require a deposit? Most reputable companies require a deposit to hold your move, which are refundable with a certain number of days prior to your move if your cancel.

6. Does the company has full-time employees or uses only temps and day labor? Be aware of companies that use temps or day labor because they may not be trained and properly insured.

7. Does the company carry Worker’s compensation for their employees? Reliable companies carry Worker’s Compensation which gives you peace of mind as a customer.

8. What kind of training have the company’s movers and drivers received? Reliable companies should be able to provide the type of training their employees got in order to get prepared for the job.

9. Does the company offer insurance for all the items during the movie? Even if the company is bonded and insured, this doesn’t mean your items are fully covered during the move. Take note that some states require a company to put a certain valuation per kilo of coverage.

10. What kind of cancellation does the moving company offer? You should always be able to cancel or postpone until a few days before the moving.

11. The moving company should provide a contact number for the day of the move in case a challenge arise.

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