Find The Best Planter For Your Garden

Choosing the best planters to fit in your garden is important from two perspectives. First, the garden pots in which you grow your plants add up to the overall look and style in your outdoor space, second a different types of garden planters that are suitable for growing different types of plants. With that being said, you need to be able to choose garden pots that would match both, your gardening needs and the aesthetic appeal in your garden. To do this the main factors that you need to consider are: the actual size of the planters; the material from which the planters are made; and the drainage they feature.

Planter For Your Garden

In order to help you decide what is the best planter for your garden, below we’ve listed some of the possible options you have on the Australian market. Read on to learn what type of garden pots Australian gardeners choose most often.

Earthenware Planters

The earthenware garden pots never go out of style. They are stylish and practical addition for both, indoor and outdoor settings. Recently most popular are the turquoise indoor planters. They come in a wide range of sizes, which makes it possible for you to place them alone at a cetain spot, or group them and place them near places with a lot of sunshine such as the windows of your living room.

Cauldron Hanging Planters

If the space in your garden is small and limited for growing plants, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your ideas of enhancing your outdoor space with your favourite flowers. The solution are the cauldron hanging planters. They are stylish, durable and practical, and bring planting flowers to a much higher level.

Rectangular Wooden Garden Pots

These planters are perfect for growing flowers. A lot of flowers in many different colours. Only in this way you will add joy and beauty to your garden, making it a perfect relaxing oasis, where you can unwind enjoying in the colours of nature.

Zinc Square Planters

These are some of the sturdiest garden pots, that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions. As the name implies, these planters are made from galvanized steel and are finished with high-grade zinc, a combination which ensures durability and usage in the long run.

Wicker Garden Pots

There are no other planters that would better complement your wicker outdoor furniture set, than the wicker planters. They fit perfectly to a backyard or garden with ultra modern style and design. Their light weight and inner metal lining make the wicker garden pots easy to use, clean and maintain.

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