Top 6 foods for glowing skin

How to have glowing skin?

A few days ago the world was shocked by the photo that has appeared on the internet, of the vampire treatment of Kim Kardashian. Actually, this is a controversial procedure in which blood is taken from your arm, and platelets are rubbed on your face for tightening, smoothing and shine of your skin.

But for those who don’t have enough money for such treatment and those whose stomach could not stand this, we have some easier ideas on how to make your skin glowing. Actually, we’ve compiled a list of which are the best foods for healthy skin.

Foods for glowing skin

Foods for glowing skin

Provide your skin with vital nutrients through diet and you will look better than ever. You cannot achieve a glowing complexion just from foundation or bronzer, because you need to eat the right foods for beautiful skin. What you put in your body matters more than what you put on it. Therefore we have made a list of foods for beautiful, clear skin. Read on to find out which are these super foods!


Salmon is a real elixir of youth. This fish is rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids, which reduces inflammation that lead to skin wrinkles. Omega 3 fatty acids also help to maintain the healthy structure of cell walls and allow for the right nutrients to get in. But omega 3 fatty acids also fight against acne. It is recommended for people who have acne to consume four or five servings of oily fish per week to treat their condition. But if you can’t eat that much fish, you can take fish oil supplements instead.


Avocado is rich in vitamins C and E. Vitamin C helps in creation of collagen and elastin, so your skin cells remain “glued” together and your skin is smooth and elastic. Vitamin E also prevents damage to the skin and reduces the effects of aging. Avocado also contains acid that maintains the moisture of your skin and protects it from irritation.


If you want to clear your skin from acne and protect it from UV rays, then eat a lot of tomatoes. Tomatoes contain an important antioxidant – lycopene, which act as a wonderful sun protection cream. An interesting fact is that the content of lycopene increases with cooking, so tomato sauces or ketchup contain more lycopene than tomatoes.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that reduces the redness of the skin and protect it against the sun’s rays. In one study is shown that women who drink cocoa have better skin texture and protection from UV rays. It is recommended to eat a few cubes of chocolate per day, because you can’t forget the sugar and fat that contains.


Berries such as blueberries or cherries are considered as some of the most powerful sources of antioxidants, which protect the skin cells from free radical damage and maintain the skin younger because they also help to create collagen. Strawberries also contain silica, which is a vital mineral for healthy skin.

Green Tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which are important for eliminating free radicals that can damage your skin. Green tea contains polyphenols which rejuvenate dying skin cells. Green tea fights acne, and has vitamin C which reduces inflammation and protects cell membranes. It is recommended to consume from three to five cups of green tea per day to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

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