Top 5 foods to avoid before sex

Try avoiding these foods before Sex!

Planning a hot date with your partner? Our article might help you to reconsider the foods you will eat and avoid some unpleasant situation.

Foods to avoid before sex

Foods to avoid before sex

Despite the aphrodisiacs that stimulate sexual desire, there are also foods that act opposite. Sometimes it is very difficult to plan your menu for the evening if you have date, especially if you know you will having sex. Before your next “hot” date, you should know the foods to avoid, because they could lead to bloating, lethargy, release gases, discomfort to you and your partner and decrease the sex desire definitively! There are many articles on the subject Foods to avoid before sex and what can improve your sex life. However, here is a list of foods that are anti-aphrodisiac and they definitely should be avoided before sex.


Beans contain sugar that our body cannot digest with easiness and when it comes to the stomach creates a feeling of bloating and “releasing winds” is inevitably. This reason is big enough to avoid beans before sex, right?

Red meat

Red meat is a food to avoid if you planning to have sex with your partner. Although steak dinner might sound ideal for a romantic menu, after eating a delicious piece of red meat, your body starts busily to work to digest successful because the red meat is slowly digested. And it might end up with feeling sleepy and generally you and your partner would not be in the mood for “action”.


On a list of foods to avoid before sex, broccoli is the leader of the vegetables. Broccoli hides sugar similar to the beans and when you eat them, there comes a violent reaction of bacteria responsible for digestion. The byproduct is methane, which is definitely something to “free” before sex if you want to avoid inappropriate situation.


Drinking one or two drinks to relax a bit is OK, but more than two drinks could decrease your sex desire. Too much alcohol can act as a sedative and drowsiness, and if you prefer beer, than be aware of the gases that follow as a consequence of carbon dioxide.


Of the total world population of 75 percent of people are lactose intolerant (milk products). Pretty huge number, so it is better to skip the pizza part on an important date to avoid bloating before sex.

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