Funniest viral videos of all time

Funniest viral videos ever

As time passes, You Tube is becoming an increasing source of entertainment for everyone. There have been hundreds of funny viral videos that became internet sensations, and last year we had a particularly very funny videos. So, if you have a little free time, take a look at this list of top viral videos of all time. All these videos will take you very little time but they will certainly bring a smile on your face. So, sit back and enjoy in this list of best viral videos ever!

Funniest viral videos

The original Grumpy cat

The number of videos with cats on You Tube is biggest and they always manage to attract the attention of all. However, no other cat can’t compete with Grumpy Cat that became the biggest You Tube and internet sensation. The original Grumpy Cat video became viral and currently has over 9 million views.

Charlie bit my finger, again!

This video of two cute siblings became one of the biggest You Tube hits, and currently has over 524 million views.

Talking Twin Babies

This hilarious video with cute twin baby boys having a conversation became a huge hit and now has more than 14 million views.

Susan Boyle, I Dreamed a Dream

Susan Boyle’s powerful voice became the biggest viral phenomenon in 2009. Her performance on Britain’s Got Talent with “I Dreamed a Dream” became viral and now has more than 22 million views.

Psy – Gangnam style

Psy with his huge hit “Gangnam style” became the biggest star on the planet, and the video became viral sensation. “Gangnam style” was the first You Tube video that had more than 1 billion views and definitely marked last year.

Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat

Videos with cats are always funny, bit this video with Fatso the cat that shows off his keyboard skills is probably one of the best videos on You Tube. The keyboard cat now has more than 30 million views.

Chocolate Rain

Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday became a viral sensation on internet, and his dulcet tones and songwriting skills has made Tay a fully fledged singer. He even appeared on Lily Allen’s short-lived TV show. Now this You Tube hit has over than 90 million views.

Dancing Baby

Although a slightly creepy video, Dancing Baby was one of the first viral video hits back in 1997.

Surprised Kitty

Another animal video on our list that become viral. This cute kitty that acts surprised has more than 69 million views on You Tube.

Numa Numa

Numa Numa is called the mother of all “lip-dubs” videos. The overweight internet star Gary Brolsma taped himself lip-singing the song by Moldovan pop group O-Zone’s song “Dragostea din tei.” His weird dance moves made this video an instant internet hit, that spawned several imitators over the world, but they can’t compare with the original that now has more than 50 million views.

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