Grand Cherokee Exhaust: The Specs That Make It Grand

Jeep has always produced off-road vehicles that have become the definition of how an off-roadster should look like. Over the years, their flagship the Grand Cherokee owned the roads of Australia, even with the bumps with the previous generation (which later was fixed in 2013), they are one of the best choices in the 4×4 off-roadster category. However, even with their experience Jeep, added a medium range on the Grand Cherokee exhaust system, which is troublesome for a lot of users.

Grand Cherokee Exhaust

As the market grows, a lot of car manufacturers allow third-party companies to create modified parts for their vehicles. In this bracket is also Jeep, where they are allowing many businesses to create spare parts including Grand Cherokee exhaust system. With all those offers that can be found in Australia, you should know how a third-party Grand Cherokee Exhaust system should look like.

This system should be coated with aluminium so that it will increase the durability and longevity of the exhaust. They weigh around 21 kilos and can be around 3 to 2.5 inches hole width. If you found an exhaust system around $800, you can be certain that you are buying quality and reliability and the most affordable price. The whole system usually comes with 4 inches stainless steel tips that will easy the process of installation.

Third-party manufacturers make their exhaust hand-made while they control the quality, how the bender bends the tube and all they on safely packing it and shipping it to you. Buying one is easy because the internet allows you to find a good retailer without a problem.

Here are a couple of things you should check before buying a third-party Grand Cherokee exhaust system.

  • The tubing must allow no restrictions throughout the exhaust system
  • The muffler needs to be perforated with high-quality ultra flow
  • For additional long lasting performance, the tube must be made from aluminized mild steel
  • The flange plates and bracketry should be made with precision and high-quality.

Depending if you want more economy and lower sound or more power and higher sound, you will need to make your choice. Also, an exhaust system is installed by a specification of your vehicle, however, if you want even more customisation, then with your manufacturer you can create the perfect combination.

With this article, you have gained the knowledge on how to buy the right exhaust for your Jeep Grand Cherokee. Keep calm and drive with elegance, style and prestige!

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