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Amazing Chris Daughtry songs to make your day better

Personally, Chris Daughtry is my favorite singer of all time! Chris is very dedicated father and husband and his inspiration always comes from his family. The most of Chris’s songs are lot about emotions, relationships and the courage you need to live life and fight back all the odds. He was just fourth place contestant on American Idol Season 5, but he has experienced more success than the first three contestants and any of the winners from the other seasons. Now, he has a rock band named Daughtry by Chris’ last name and in November 2011 they released their third album “Break The Spell”, which I think it is the best album released in the last years. Every new song they released has found its way to Daughtry songs list and has been a solid hit. As a huge Daughtry fan, it was very hard for me to single out the best Daughtry songs, but yet I did my best and so take a look at our list of top 10 Daughtry songs.

Chris Daughtry


“Home” is a song that climbed on the tops of many U.S. charts for a few weeks before its announcing as second single! This rock power ballad from 2007, is written by Chris Daughtry with theme in whom Chris expresses his gratefulness for being what he is and longing for his family, making him realize that it is best when he is home surrounded by love.

Crawling Back to You

“Crawling back to you” is the second single from their third album which was announced to be more “positive and upbeat”. This song with strong meaning, became the Daughtry’s third highest debut with about 50.000 sales.

Life After You

This beautiful love song comes from Daughtry’s second album “Leave This Town” and is written by Chris Daughtry and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. It was released as second single from the album and became very popular all around the world. As prove, you can see how many “covers” on YouTube has.

Over You

“Over You”, the fourth single from “Daughtry”, found its way on many lists worldwide. It won even an award at the BMI Awards in 2009. Chris described the song best, he said that this song is a break-up song about the difficulties of getting over someone.

It’s Not Over

The best rock song in 2007 in USA and first single of their first album “Daughtry”, has reached the top ten digital selling songs of the year. There has been a critics that “It’s not over” is very similar to Fuel’s song “Hemorrhage” which Chris performed on American Idol, but however, this rock song is one of the best Daughtry songs.


The final single from the second album is co-written by Chris Daughtry and Josh Steely – the guitar player in the band who gave him some lyrical ideas. “September” is a mid-tempo ballad and inspired by Chris’s childhood memories, but the song is mainly to remember the summer and go back to school in September.

What About Now

“What About Now” is a exactly one ballad should be like. It is inspirational ballad, with amazing lyrics and more amazing music written by Ben Moody, David Hodges and Josh Hartzler.

Start of Something Good

The newest single from Daughtry and the fourth single from “Break The Spell”. “Start of Something Good” has been released in September 2012. The song gives you an interesting love feeling that got your mood up and inspires you to do something for your love one.

No Surprise

Another piece Chris wrote with help of Chad Kroeger and has been sold in more than 1.200.000 copies. “No Surprise” is Daughtry’s highest debut with strong first week digital sales of 106.000.


“Renegade” is the first single by their third studio album. It is a strong rock piece with expressed guitars that was also to highlight the nominees for WWE Slammy Awards.

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