Top 10 greatest romance movies of all time

Love is rarely perfect, but it can still be ideal for two people who complete each other. Romantic movies speak precisely for that – the ways of love. Everyone loves to watch a good, romantic movie sometimes, so we made a list of the best romance movies of all time.

If you don’t know which is the best romance movie that you should watch, here is our selection of top romance movies. There are many great romance movies out there, but here are 10 of them, that we think are really worth watching. Our list with best love movies is based on ratings and reviews, so prepare a box of tissues with you and enjoy these great romance movies!

The Notebook – 2004

The Notebook - 2004

The Notebook is a very touching movie that will impress anyone who loves a good romance. The forbidden love between Ryan Gosling (Noah) and Rachel McAdams (Allie) is not so perfect, yet so perfect to pass through heaven and hell. This movie is an all time favorite and sends strong message about the power of true love, in a very realistic way. And also answers the question whether it is possible to love two people at the same time.

Titanic – 1997

Titanic - 1997

Titanic is the most unforgettable and fascinating love story of all times. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the poor Jack who meets the rich but very unhappy girl Rose, played by Kate Winslet. They met on the ill-fated ship Titanic and despite the fact that they come from two entirely different worlds they become madly in love and spend a few happy moments together. Their love is so strong that survives the worst tragedy.

Pretty Woman – 1990

Pretty Woman - 1990

Pretty Woman is a classic romantic comedy which is an iconic twist of the Cinderella story. Richard Gere is Edward, rich and unhappy man who meets Vivian, played by Julia Roberts. Vivian is a prostitute who works hard for her money, and teaches him how to love and laugh. Edward decides to purchase her services for a week and they spend a few passionate moments. But when Edward’s friend discover Vivivan’s profession his reaction will create misunderstanding between the two of them. However at the end love conquers over money.

Ghost – 1990

Ghost - 1990

Ghost is a classic story about love that survives even after death. A list with romantic movies without Ghost would be incomplete. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore play Sam and Molly who are perfectly happy couple. Walking back to their new apartment after a night out, they face with a thief who murders Sam. Sam finds himself trapped as a ghost and finds out that his murder was no accident. His mission is to warn Molly about the danger, so he communicate with her through the psychic Oda Mae Brown, played by Whoopi Goldberg.

Dirty Dancing – 1987

Dirty Dancing - 1987

Dirty Dancing is another classic romantic movie with Patrick Swayze. He plays John in the movie and Jennifer Grey plays Baby. They reinvent their iconic dirty dance during one summer vacation at a family friendly camp and they succeed in proving that love is more important than money and prestige.

Gone With the Wind – 1939

Gone With the Wind - 1939

Gone with the wind is the most classic romantic movie of all time. Vivien Leigh plays Scarlett O’Hara and Clark Gable is Rhett Butler and they will always be remembered for their great characters and their love/hate/love story in this incredible and iconic movie.

Grease – 1978

Grease - 1978

Grease is a romantic movie full with music, dance and feelings. John Travolta plays Danny, the bad boy and leader of T-Birds and Olivia Newton-John plays Sandy who is a good girl. They fall in love and then split, reconcile and split again before deciding that “You’re the One That I Want”. Grease was the highest-grossing movie in 1978, and is the highest-grossing musical ever.

Pearl Harbor – 2001

Pearl Harbor - 2001

Pearl Harbor is sad and touching story and Oscar winning war movie that shows us how strong love can be. The movie follows the lives of three people (Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsdale and Josh Hartnett) involved in the tragic attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor.

Love Story – 1970

Love Story - 1970

Love Story is a one of the most beautiful and touching romantic movies ever. Ali MacGraw plays Jenny, a free spirited music student attending Radcliffe and Ryan O’Neal plays Oliver, a pre-law student attending Hardward. They come from different backgrounds and they have to deal with their families, but in the end their love wins.

While You Were Sleeping – 1995

While You Were Sleeping - 1995

While you were sleeping is a wonderful and interesting movie about Lucy, a woman who is falling in love with a unconscious man Peter, played by Peter Gallagher. The story gets complicated and his family thinks she is his fiance. When Peter awakens he remembers everything except Lucy. Meanwhile she finds herself falling for his brother Jack, played by Bill Pullman.

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