Your Guide to Buying a Used Diesel Truck Engine

Diesel truck engines are not what they used to be 10 years ago. They are not those smelly, noisy and vibrant machines that exhaust emissions harmful for the air we are breathing. All the contrary, they are far more sophisticated these days. You could even say better than gasoline truck engines as well. If you compare both of these engines, you will notice that gas engines have greater horsepower, whereas diesel ones have higher torque. If you need the truck for hauling heavy loads, then diesel truck engines make a better choice. If you are determine to go with a fuel-efficient diesel truck engine, bear in mind that used ones are far more cheaper than new ones. Before you start your search for used truck engines for sale, take a look at this easy-to-follow buying guide.

Diesel Truck Engine

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Types Of Diesel Engines – Two types of diesel engines stand out on the market: the two-stroke diesel engine and the four-stroke one. The name of these models refer to the number of piston strokes essential for the whole combustion process.

The Four-stroke diesel truck engine uses four different strokes to complete the whole cycle of combustion. When the first stroke happens, the intake valve opens and draws air into the cylinder. Now, with the second stroke, the piston moves up and compresses air in order to create a certain temperature that will spark a combustion.;

The Two-stroke diesel engine is a bit different than its four-stroke counterpart. First the pistons are a bit longer, which leads to the need for a separate intake valve. Then, at the bottom of the cylinder sleeve there are ports that open up when pistons need to compress fresh air.

Understand The Pros & Cons – It is of essential importance to understand the benefits and the drawbacks of the diesel truck engine, before you start your search for truck engines for sale.


  • Diesel truck engines are one of the most fuel-efficient engines available on the market. Compared to gasoline engines, diesel ones provide 30% better fuel economy;
  • Another reason why people prefer the diesel engine truck is its high torque power. It is the torque that makes this machine perfect for towing and hauling heavy loads;
  • Diesel truck engines have better value retention compare to other types of truck engines. That means you will be able to resell your diesel machine for much more than the gasoline powered models.


  • One of diesel truck engine’s drawback is that they can not fully perform at extremely cold temperatures. That is due to the fact that diesel engines use heat instead of spark to ignite the fuel;
  • Although diesel engines are not as noisy as they were in the past, still they make more noise than gasoline engines do.

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