Top 10 healthy diet plans for men

Healthy diets for men

Although most of the diets on the Internet or heard from some friend are universal, but still there should be special diet plan for men as well as for women. It is not an issue of division of poles, but is concerned about the fact that everyone’s body works differently and there are significant differences in the functioning of male and female metabolism. Women had always annoyed by the fact that men don’t have cellulite and the answer of that question is because men have more muscle mass and muscle fibers, which are also major consumers of calories in the body.

Healthy diet plans for men

Healthy diet plans for men

A well-balanced weight loss diet for men can help to prevent any kind of problems. Most diets aim to reduce the number of pounds, but there are also those which are gaining weight, respectively, help to gain muscle mass. Men have more self-control and more persistent when they decide to lose weight and the men are not in risk of taking sweet.

However, the best strategy for best diet for men is in fact not being on diet. Small and subtle changes in your eating, drinking and exercise habits may be all that is needed to lose weight. The emphasis should be on healthy eating, fitness and taking care of yourself. After a long research, I could not find any defined diet for men, so here are the best food ingredients you should consume.

Few carbohydrates

You should not throw them completely because they are crucial for energy and many body functions. It is best to enter complex carbohydrates instead of simple. The best sources for carbohydrates are dark bread, brown rice, cornflakes, honey, etc. Flour, sugar and white bread contain simple carbohydrates that are very unhealthy.

Moderate fat

Fatty acids are needed to the body to be normally developed, but in moderate amounts. Unsaturated acid is very difficult to break down and accumulate cholesterol and clogged arteries. The foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are very good and recommended, because they do not carry any risk for the body. Salmon, sardines, tuna and other fish have plenty of omega 3 fatty acids in. Beans, lentils, almonds, peas, nuts, butter with low fat, legumes, nuts and Indian milk can be part of such a diet.


A diet rich in protein might be the best if you want to lose weight and also gain muscle mass. Cup of milk and egg white should become a routine for you. Chicken, fish, turkey and other meat are rich in protein. All grains in the form of soup can be a great source of protein.

Vitamins, minerals, fiber

Vitamins and minerals are very important factors for the immune system and help fight microbial attack. Fiber helps tidy work intestine. Green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and other are must eat every day. Apples, bananas, melons, oranges, grapefruit, plums, peaches and other fruits are awesome and are also recommended for every day. After a very short time you will feel the difference in the condition of the body if you choose this diet.

After these best diet foods for men, we’ve came with more precisely advices in which you can find the needed help to lose weight.

Change your habits

A change in your normal eating habits, regular exercise program and a lot of stamina – this is how you can describe a diet for men.

Eat less, but more often

Eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours, for a total of five to eight small meals a day. A diet for men includes three low-fat and delicious meals a day

Lots of vegetables and fruits

Eat vegetables, fruits or both at every meal, every day.

Forget alcohol

Drink only drinks with zero calories and forget about alcohol, especially beer.

Less bread

The amount of bread you consume should be put down on a minimum, and especially avoid it for dinner.

Do not forget to exercise daily

Along with the diet alone, physical activity is highly recommended. Run on the nearest mountain or swim, as much as possible, whenever is possible.

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