Heaven Is For Real Book – A True Story About A Boy Who Visited Heaven

Nothing is more touching than reading a true story. A story like the one of the four-year old boy Colton, epitomized in a breathtaking Heaven Is For Real book.

It is an extraordinary book that reveals details about the one-of-a-kind experience of the little boy called Colton, who enters the doors of Heaven during his emergency surgery. Colton survives the surgery, but what takes your breath away is reading how this young man speaks about being able to slip from consciousness and throw a glance from ‘above’ of what is going on down there. Like for example, being able to see the doctor carrying out the surgery, or his dad, praying in the hospital waiting room.

Heaven Is For Real

Although it seems unbelievable and practically impossible, which was also for Colton’s family until he told them things that were true indeed, Heaven Is For Real book is the book that will touch your heart and soul at your deepest.

Some of the paramount moments from his heavenly journey are Colton meeting his never-before-seen, miscarried sister that no one from the family told him about, or for example, his grandfather who actually died 30 years before Colton’s birth. Isn’t this just amazing?

But, the miracles do not stop here. Once the little boy wakes up from surgery, he tells his parents how he left his body during the surgery and traveled to Heaven where he met Jesus. To be even more jaw-dropping and unbelievable, Colton gives descriptions and obscure details about Heaven and Jesus that really match the Bible, though he still has not learned to read.

Colton also shares his impressions from the ‘other’ world – how good, kind and big God is, how beautiful the angels are and how the world of God is a world where no one wears glasses and no one is old. Furthermore, Colton tells that God really loves children and He shoots down power from Heaven to help us.

Be more than ensured that Heaven Is For Real book will change the way you see on life and eternity. It is the book that will give you a glimpse of the world, thus life that awaits us once we make our first encounter with our saviour.

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