Heidenhain Parts – A Straightforward Guide

Formed in 1948, Heidenhein managed to become the leader of programmed automation and manually controlled machines by producing top quality CNC and TNC axis machines. Starting from scratch, today this company ships over 6 million encoders and over 15 million rotary and angular encoders. Since they’re so widely represented on the market worldwide, it’s only beneficial to be at least basically familiarized with the most popular and most commonly used Heidenhein parts.

Heidenhain Parts

From all the Heidenhein parts in the product offer, the company praises its quality work and reputation on the TNC 320, which is a Heidenhein automation control system for servo axes and servo spindle. The whole system works with 5 axes and one closed-loop spindle that’s programmed with Heidenhein’s own programming language that’s a pretty easy and simple dialogue actually. Plus, the part itself comes with an instruction manual on the programming language so that machine engineers would have no problem working with it.

In addition to that configuration, the system works on a analogue command interface. The design is amazing and very compact, featuring a basic keyboard with additional controls, coloured screen and a PC configuration . All that is nicely put together in one box. Additionally, the user can simply store the programs on an integrated hard disk in the entire construction, or use a compact flash memory if more memory is needed. There’s also a possibility for the part to be connected to the Internet through a Ethernet cable.

The TNC 320 can be used in a number of manufacturing and technological areas:

  • in machines for single or series production;
  • for tool manufacturing and machine building
  • for research, development and educational training facilities
  • in repair shops for various technological parts.

More precisely, the TNC 320 Heidenhein automation control part can be used in universal milling machines and complex contours for it, cycles for boring and most importantly for reimbursing movements in the secondary U, V and W axis through the X, Y and Z axis which are the basic ones.

Other products in the palette are the famous Heidenhein encoders. Linear, rotary, tachoencoders and angle encoders can all be found in their product palette. Encoders are generally used for measuring the performance of certain machines that use closed loop axes. Also, machining centres, lathes milling, boring and grinding machines all use encoders. Heidenhein encoders praise on being reliable for traversing speed and acceleration. Their sturdy and durable design is what makes them so popular in the industry world.

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