Home Theatre Seating: The Top Notch Luxury of Your Dreams

Home Theatre Seating

There is a myth that a lot of (evil) people that home theatre is something you do not need and only spoiled people buy it – this is so wrong! This uber, ultra and imba cool thing is the dream of every movie and TV show lover. Imagine yourself sitting in leather sofa made especially for that reason, with recliner capabilities, snacks and drinks compartment and special place where to put the remote control – I am literary screaming of happiness on this notion.



Before you choose the right and perfect one you should know what are the best features, functionality and materials for the best home theatre seating money can buy.

Measure for your pleasure!

This is the first thing you should do – measure the theatre room in its entirety. Create the picture in your mind and place the elements in the room – from the projector, the table and of course the home theatre seating. The first thing you need is to measure the width of the viewing screen. The perfect viewing distance is around 1.5 to 2 times viewing times of the width of the screen. Afterwards, you need to decide where to put your seating and if the dimensions of the seating will fit in your room.


To experience comfort and not to have recliners? That is impossible. A lot of manufacturers gives their maximum for your home theatre seating to be to most comfortable as possible and sell it as their main feature. The thing you should plan is that you will need 4 inches behind the wall because that is the usual amount of space needed so the chair can recline.

Types of Home Theatre Seating

For your home, there are two types of seating fixed and free. The fixed seating is pretty much the same as the real cinema seating with a rocking mechanism. They do not possess the functionality to recline and are not so much comfortable as the free ones. The only advantage of these seats is that you can fit them in a small and limited space. On the other hand, the free ones are just like sofas, but with increased functionality extra compartments and well good feel while sitting in them.


Ah that is better!

Materials and Functionality

If you want to buy the top notch then you should always go with leather. Leather gives you that special feeling, it is comfortable to sit in and it is a sight for sore eyes. However, the only downside of the leather one is that is expensive than the others, yet investing in this is pretty much worth it. There are other materials such as cloth, but they are not so durable, the wear out quickly and can be damaged easily. When it comes to functions, a home theatre seating should have a place to store your drinks (very important), snacks, the remote control and maybe your phone. Do not buy one without one of these!

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