How Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Work?

After every vacation I gain around 15 kg. Yes, I belong to that group that gains weight fast and loose it slowly. It is really a hustle that every time I eat high caloric food my weight rises. When I was watching TV I stumbled on this great documentary about thermogenic fat burner supplements, how they can help you loose weight and keep you from gaining extra. So I did my research and found everything about this healthy and long-term solution.

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How do Thermogenic Fat Burner supplements work?

These supplements help you increase your metabolism just a few hours after you have taken them, thus resulting the body to burn more fat than he is in a normal state. Not all fat-burning supplements have a thermogenic origin, some types of supplements have decreased the effect of fat-burning by lowering the amount of fat that gets absorbed rather than increasing the calorie burn ratio.

Thermogenic fat burners are one of the most used types of supplements that help you lose weight. One of the banned supplements by the Australian health organisation, ephedra was, in fact, a thermogenic in origin. There was a study back in 2004, that said there was not enough evidence to prove that weight loss supplements react with your weight. AJCN review article from 2007 showed that chromium picolinate only gave great boost around 9-10 kg over the timespan of 14 weeks. So using these supplement is the first step of changing your life. With a healthy diet, regular exercise and from the help of these supplements results will come surely.

Green Tea

One of the most effective thermogenic fat burners is the green tea. Drinking minimum five cups per day for 16 weeks will lead to an increment in your metabolism and greatly will affect your weight loss. According to a study published in the American journal of Nutrition back in 2010, if you take the green teen for a half year you will get 3 kg per month with regular exercise and normal eating. One thing to have in mind is not to add milk to your green tea when you are eating your dairy products because it could lead to a reverse effect and you will gain weight instead of losing.


If you want to lose weight, the first thing you should do is to create a 3,500 deficit per every 3 kg you loose. Combining that with your exercise and green tea, you are on a great path of losing those 20 kg extra and getting your body in top shape. Every begging is hard, but as time goes by you will get the used to it. You will live and breathe for the healthy life and I can assure that at the end it will come with all the prizes attached to it.

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