How Quitting Smoking Can Help You Beat Anxiety

Beat Anxiety

We all know that smoking is a horrible condition, a disease that people find it hard to get rid of. Smoking is terrible for humans’ lungs and it can cause a series of diseases to other parts of the body. Also, smokers are about 70% more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. So, how can smokers prevent all the diseases and improve their mental health? It’s easy – just quit smoking.

For smokers, there is no bigger fear than quitting the cigarettes. Researchers have found out that quitting smoking can help people combat the conditions of depression, anxiety and other mental and physical health. They have discovered that there are no differences between the levels of depression and anxiety of long-term ex-smokers and people who have never smoked. Not to mention that they were much lower than current smokers.

Many smokers consider that lighting up a cigarette can help them relax, but they are just fooling themselves. Nicotine withdrawal makes people very nervous and anxious, which many smokers confuse with a feeling of stress. When they light up a cigarette, the nicotine content doesn’t ease their stress, but delivers a dose of nicotine their body badly needs. Of course, quitting smoking can be stressful and it is a big reason why people decide to hang out a bit more with the cigarettes.

Stress can be dangerous. The brain chemical (epinephrine) it releases interferes with the ability to think and focus clearly on anything. This means that during the times smokers are trying to quit smoking, they will find it very difficult to stay focused on their tasks. No matter how hard it may seem or be, it can really help smokers get rid of anxiety and depression in a long-term. It has a similar effect to antidepressant drugs for mood disorders, according to researchers.

The relationship between smoking and anxiety reduction can be best seen in people who have a strong addiction to nicotine. The very urge to light up a cigarette is perceived as anxiety and is relieved by smoking. If a smoker implements a successful strategy to quit smoking, then the craving will disappear and the anxiety will be relieved. Also, after overcoming a powerful addiction, people will improve their mental health.

In addition to anxiety release, quitting smoking can improve smokers’ mood, their stress levels and overall quality of life. There are many myths about smoking and mental illness for decades, concerning the urge of people to smoke, their disability to quit, that they quitting will make them unwell, the right time to quit, etc. However, quitting smoking can definitely beat anxiety and it is not only a myth!

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