How to Fit a Lighting Scheme in Your Interior Dream

Even the most lavish interiors can’t be shown in all their splendour and beauty without a great lighting scheme. That’s why lighting is one of the most important element of the interior design. A lighting design that is integrated in the right way within the overall décor scheme is the secret to designing a home that would be a true refection of style and elegance. To achieve this you would need to maintain a balance between the functional role of the lights and their ability to provide the desired visual effect. The there main types of lighting that are used to crate either dramatic, dynamic or aesthetic effects include ambient, accent and task lighting. Each one of these is achieved through a specific light distribution which depends largely on what kind of light source and fitting combo you’re going to use.

ceiling lights

In terms of light source more and more urban homes are switching to LEDs which are energy-efficient bulbs with long operational life and excellent light distribution. As for the interior light fitting the choice will mostly depend on what kind of light scheme you would want the room to have. For instance, bedrooms require an aesthetic lighting design that would create an intimate and pleasant ambience. On the other hand, a visually dynamic lighting scheme would work best in such rooms as the living room, dining area and the kitchen. Let’s take a look at the best interior light fittings that you can use to add more dimension and drama to any room in your house.

Downlight- is the most commonly used type of interior light fitting in many urban homes simply because it’s ideal for creating a functional and elegant lighting design. Downlight fittings are installed as an integral part of the ceiling and can be used as both task and ambient lighting.

Spotlight- these fittings can be either track-mounted or installed individually on the ceiling. You can use them to highlight some décor element like a piece of art in such areas in the living room, or they can serve as the task light in the kitchen or bathroom, for instance.

Wall lights- these mostly serve as an elegant décor feature of the overall design of the room. They are designed to provide accent lighting that can emphasise the texture of the wall, but you can also use them to illuminate bookshelves or artwork.

Chandeliers- are the ideal fittings to add function and ambience in such areas as bedrooms and lounges. The soft ambient lighting they provide is perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting ambience.

Ceiling lights- these work best when used together with other types of fittings such as downlights, for instance. Ceiling light fittings are usually made from glass and have a sophisticated design. They are most often used for creating a modern lighting design.

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