How to Play the Drinking Game Kings Cup

The drinking game Kings Cup is a really popular game that has been played at parties for ages. So, let’s go over how the game is played and what are the Kings rules. First, you need to spread a deck of cards, face down, around a large, empty cup, which is known as the Kings Cup. Everyone gets a full drink of any kind they prefer, and they stand in a circle around the cup.

kings cup

Each player gets their own drink, and as the game goes on they either contribute to the Kings Cup or they take a sip. Each turn one card is drawn, and each card has separate rules over who should drink, and if someone runs out, they get a refill. Every card is associated with some sort of action that someone at the table has to do, such as:

  • When a 2 is drawn, the player that picked it gets to choose someone at the table to take a sip, as 2 is for you.
  • When a 3 is drawn, the player that picked it takes a sip, as 3 is for me.
  • When a 4 is drawn, everybody reaches down for the floor, the last one to do it takes a sip, as 4 is for floor.
  • When a 5 is drawn, all of the guys drink, as 5 is for guys.
  • When a 6 is drawn, all of the chicks drink, as 6 is for chicks.
  • When a 7 is drawn, everybody reaches for the sky, the last one to do it takes a sip, as 7 is for heaven.
  • When an 8 is drawn, the player that picked it chooses another person to take a sip when they do, and vice versa, until another 8 is drawn, as 8 is for mate.
  • When a 9 is drawn, by the classic Kings rules, the player that picked it says a word, and everybody takes a turn saying another word which rhymes, as 9 is for rhyme.
  • When a 10 is drawn, everyone holds up three fingers, and then the game of “Never Have I Ever…” is played, with the player that drew the 10 leading the game, if someone has done that particular thing they lower a finger, when a player is out of fingers, they take a sip, as 10 is for “Never Have I Ever…”
  • When a Jack is drawn, the player that draws it has the ability to make a rule that everyone at the table follows until the game is over, when someone breaks a rule, they drink, as Jack is “Make a Rule”.
  • When a Queen is drawn, everyone at the table has to respond to the player that drew it only with a question, as Queen is for “Question Master”.
  • When a King is drawn, the first three players that draw a king must pour their drink into the cup in the middle, as it is by the Kings rules, when a player draws the fourth one they chug from that cup, as King is for “Kings Cup”.

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