How to Tell if a Psychic is Genuine or a Scammer?

Foretelling has been around for centuries, as psychics have stood the test of time by re-emerging in a variety of forms: wizards, sorcerers, clairvoyants, necromancers, witches, seers and what not. The first ones to predict events that might occur to someone (now known as psychic readings) were the Babylons. These ancient astrologers were looking into the stars and other celestial bodies for answers and today, psychics are not very different, but instead of the stars, they use people’s auras, tarot cards and crystal balls.

Psychic abilities

A psychic is a person with a developed sixth sense (intuition) and an ability to perceive information from your aura, while a psychic medium is a person who claims to be able to communicate with the spiritual world. Although they are very different, psychics and psychic mediums are interchangeable used. Regardless of the sort of psychic reading that you want to get, both have the psychic abilities to provide you an accurate insight. But there is a tricky part: scammers.

In a world full of lies and deception, it should not come as a surprise that there are scammers in the psychic medium industry too, as in every other industry. There are a plenty of heartless frauds who take advantage of vulnerable people who are desperate to find a way out of their problems. However, they all make a few common mistakes that prove that they have no psychic abilities. All you need to do to find out if a psychic is real or a scammer is look for any of the following signs.

A fake psychic medium will ask you for personal information, such as education, social status, work and lifestyle, while a real psychic medium will perceive a plenty of information by just reading your aura (which contains your current emotions, feelings and thoughts).

Scammers tend to tell you more about what they think you’re interested to hear from them, which is completely opposite of talking about your problem at hand, which is what real psychics do.
Scammers have a tendency to ask you a lot of leading questions. This is known as cold reading, because all the scammers do is asking questions and gathering as much clues as you’re giving them and so improve their guessing ratio in providing psychic readings.

Another sign of scammers is repeating themselves. If they throw back the same information you gave them in the beginning of your conversation, it’s pretty obvious that they are doing a cold reading, which confirms that they’re a scammer.

If a psychic medium is convincing you that you are under a curse that must be removed from you, it’s perfectly clear that you’re dealing business with a scammer. This old scam is a dead giveaway, because there is no such thing as curses and even if there is, it would be impossible for a human being to remove it, regardless of the psychic abilities they would posses.

Fake psychics don’t like it when they’re being tested or simply asked questions. If a psychic medium doesn’t allow you to ask them a few questions or refuse to tell you something about themselves, then it’s very likely that they are a scammer.

A real psychic or psychic medium will give you both the bad news and the good news, while a scammer is very likely to exclude the bad in order to keep their reputation. Genuine psychics don’t care about their reputation as much as they care for you and your issues.

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