How to Write Love Poems for the One You Love

If you want to write love poems for the one you love, here are some tips and pointers on how to do so. Before you start, take out a pen and paper and make sure that you have plenty of time to pour your heart out on paper.

Write Love Poems

A few ways to help with your creative flow on writing romantic poems:

1. Think of five things that you did today, and make a list in the order that you did them in.
2. Quickly write down the first three colors that come to mind.
3. If you remember a dream, write it down. If you don’t, make one up.
4. Using language that you used as a child, take 15 minutes and write an early childhood memory.
5. Write a thought that is disapproved of, to someone who would understand it.
6. Write another one, to someone who wouldn’t understand it.
7. Write down your favorite comfort objects, then choose one of them and proceed to describe it in detail.
8. Write the three questions that you would ask if they were the last questions that you could ever ask.
9. Write an aphorism that you consider wise.
10. Think of and write down three slant rhymes. These are pairs of words that instead of vowels, share one or two consonants.
11. Quoting as closing as you can, write down four things that people have said to you in the last 48 hours.
12. Whether physical or emotional, write down the last extreme pain that you have experienced, and if that pain was an animal, write down which animal it would be and describe it as closely as you can.

Tips on how to write love poems for your girlfriend:

1. Start the poem of by using one of the questions as the first line, use the colors more than once, and the aphorism and slant rhymes with a couple words changed.
2. Use any or all of the material, anyway you want to use it. The dream can work on it’s on, but you can use the description of the animal to describe someone close to you.
3. Don’t force the poem, write it in your speech and allow the sense and music of the poem to flow through your body and pour out through the ink. Think of the love poem as a psalm or dream you’re creating, let each line to be 10 or even more syllables long and the poem to be between 20 and 30 lines.

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