How We Told Back Pain to Hit the Road & Welcomed Romance Once More

Few things can ruin a romantic and special night with your loved one as back pain and my husband and I had to deal with this for a couple of months. He works as a manager in a big corporation, so spending long hours on end in front of the computer is a common thing for him. He would often come home from work complaining on sharp pain in the lower back and neck, and in some cases the pain was so intense that he could barely walk down the stairs. The only thing that helped him a bit was a warm and relaxing bath as well as a long massage before bed from my loving hands, as he likes to call them. There were times when he would feel absolutely fine, so we would plan a romantic night to heat up the flames in bed and everything would go fine until in the heat of the moment the back pain would come out of nowhere and ruin our passionate night.

Self Contained Sauna

It seemed there was no solution for the uncomfortable back pain of my husband and I felt really bad when I would see him struggling to stand straight. Our good friends Mike and Katie have a home sauna and when my husband complained to them about his back problem they suggested we organize a fun gathering and enjoy relaxing moments in their home sauna. I have to admit I’ve never felt more relaxed than in the warm and soothing sauna that is designed to put at ease both the body and mind. My husband said he felt refreshed and and his back pain was considerably alleviated after spending just half an hour sweating in the sauna.

After that healing sauna session we decided to buy our own sauna where my husband can find some relief for his back pain and we can enjoy in relaxing moments whenever we want to. Since we don’t have enough space in the house for a full sauna, we figured it would be best to get a practical self contained sauna. This is basically a portable sauna that is shaped like a dome and allows you to enjoy the healing effects of heat therapy in the comfort of your home. The self contained sauna is designed to boost blood flow in the muscles and quickly remove the toxins form the body that are released through the excessive sweating from the soothing heat.

Heat therapy is also great for losing weight and it can help shed off those extra kilos by increasing the heart rate, while at the same time lowering the blood pressure and boosting the metabolic rate. Ever since we got the self contained sauna my husband no longer experiences those terrible back aches and we can enjoy in passionate moments together whenever we want to. Ah, the bliss of having a portable sauna at home.

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