Ideas For Home Gym Vinyl Flooring

If you are one of those lucky ones who have the ability to create their own home gym, before you move in the treadmill, you need to decide on flooring. There is a wide variety of floor options available for use as home gym flooring, so you can choose one that will accommodate your needs, taste and budget.

Gym Vinyl Flooring

The most popular gym flooring and exercise room options are rubber flooring, gym vinyl flooring, carpet and foam flooring. Learn all about their benefits and choose the right fit for you! Design your dreamy home gym with the following types of gym floors.


Until now, carpet is the most popular floor covering options worldwide. Carpets are an excellent home gym flooring solutions, as they are all purpose, affordable, comfortable to the touch and extremely easy to clean and maintain. Low pile carpet is great for areas where exercise takes place. It turns to be more durable when compared to fluffy shag and soft Berber style carpets Commercial grade carpet and carpet tiles also work very well for home gyms.

Advantages Of Carpet Gym Flooring

  • You can choose between a wide array of colours.
  • It is extremely durable, and it can last for many years to come.
  • It is easy to maintain.

Disadvantages Of Carpet Gym Flooring

  • Requires a professional installation.
  • It can stretch over time.
  • It holds moisture.
  • It requires professional cleaning once a year.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring can be purchased as tiles or rolls. It is available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses, and the price ranges from the size and the quality of its material.

Advantages Of Rubber Flooring

  • Does not require professional installation. It can be installed by the homeowner.
  • It is the most durable absorbing flooring option.
  • It is extremely easy to clean.
  • Does not harbor fungi, mold or mildew growth.
  • It is an excellent sound insulator.

Disadvantages Of Rubber Flooring

  • It is heavy and not suitable for moving around by yourself.
  • It is better to buy rubber tile flooring than rubber rolled one.
  • It is a bad temperature transmission insulator.
  • Bright coloured rubber floors are more expensive when compared to the black one, as the latter are made from recycled tyres.

Foam Flooring

Foam flooring is most commonly used as tiles and mats. The tiles can be found in the form of soft tiles, puzzle lock tiles and foam tiles, and can be easily installed by the homeowner. Depending on your style and taste, you can choose the desired thicknesses and colour.

Advantages Of Foam Flooring

  • It is easy to clean and low in cost.
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • It is the perfect kid’s play flooring solution.
  • It has great shock absorbent qualities.
  • Extremely lightweight and easily portable.

Disadvantages Of Foam Flooring

  • It is not recommended for heavy-duty equipment.
  • Foam can be easily cut or sliced by sharp objects.

Gym Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring especially tiles were originally designed for garage floors, however their flexibility and durability made them become a multipurpose and multiuse floor over the years.

Advantages Of Gym Vinyl Flooring

  • Gym vinyl flooring can be installed by the homeowner. Does not require professional installation.
  • It is extremely flexible.
  • It is available in a range of colours in order to accommodate your needs.
  • Extremely easy to clean.
  • It is mold, mildew growth and chemical resistant.

Disadvantages Of Gym Vinyl Flooring

  • Costumers state that the only disadvantage of gym vinyl flooring is that it does not have the same amount of shock absorption qualities as foam and rubber gym flooring.

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