Importance of Understanding the Basics of SMSF

Self-managed super funds are quite popular in Australia, with over a million people operating their own SMSF. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s popular with the other population. Many people don’t know what an SMSF is or they can’t figure out its complicated system. So, let’s go over these funds and see how you can benefit from them. When the Income tax Assessment Act passage was passed in 1915 that made super funds have legislated tax exemptions, superannuation funds have become the second biggest asset in Australia. With the family home being in first place. For those that don’t understand how to operate an SMSF, I will explain the whole process. But, there is no shame in not understanding the process, it took me a whole year to figure out the complete process.

SMSF savings account

If you want to open an SMSF savings account one of the most important rules is that you have a main operating bank account. This way you are able to receive contributions, rollovers and pay whatever expenses you might have. The complicated part of every SMSF is that the members of the fund are also the trustees. This means that you and the other members are the only ones responsible for running the fund. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hire people to lend you a hand in difficult times. There are many accountants, actuaries, valuers, administrators and tax agents that you can hire to help you with the different tasks that come with running your own super fund.

The biggest benefit of having an SMSF is that you get a lot more freedom when it comes to investment choice. There is also a lot of flexibility as you get to decide whether or not you are going to mix your assets with the other trustees. This allows for you to invest in much larger things that you normally wouldn’t have the option to do so. Plus, with the lower tax that you have to pay, an SMSF savings account seems like the right choice. The tax is capped at 15% and is much lower than any other tax payment. You also get a clear view of where you invest your money. This allows for all of the trustees to achieve the personal goals that they have. This is perfect because there are huge differences in what the members want. Some would like to invest in shares, while others see property as the better option.

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