Important Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist

A good dental practice in Melbourne is not hard to find these days. But, this doesn’t mean that you should choose any dental office. What you need, is a reliable and knowledgeable dentist that will best understand your needs and provide you with quality dental care. However, regardless of which dental practice Melbourne you decide to go with, there are certain questions you should ask the dentist.

Dental practice

Here are the main questions that will help you gain a general picture of the dentist and with that to decide whether you should visit the same dental practice Melbourne again.

When Selecting A Dental Office

  • Do you have a health insurance plan?
  • What are your prices for regular dental checkups, special dental procedures and other services?
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
  • Are you specialized in certain dental procedures? Are orthodontists and periodontists available in your dental office?
  • What are your office hours? Do you provide your services outside of office hours?
  • Can I rely on your services in cases of dental emergencies?

During Your First Dental Visit

  • What general practices you would recommend for improving the health of my gums and teeth?
  • Which dental treatments and procedures are necessary, and which treatments are optional?
  • Which dental procedures are considered as cosmetic?
  • What should I eat to keep my teeth and gums protected and healthy? What foods should I avoid?
  • Do my teeth and gums look healthy?

About your Child’s Oral Health

  • What is your advice on how to get my child brush their teeth?
  • Is there any special toothpaste that can best protect my child’s teeth?
  • What would you recommend to me, to get my child to brush their teeth?
  • What can I do to ensure that my child’s teeth are protected and clean?
  • What should I do to prevent baby bottle tooth decay?
  • Is milk really good for my child’s teeth?
  • How can I spot an issue in the teeth and jaw development in the mouth of my baby?
  • What are the best foods that contribute for improving children’ oral health?
  • How often teeth brushing should be performed?
  • Do you offer orthodontic services for children?

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