Introduction To Hanna Barbera

Definitely one of the earliest animation production outfits to make cartoons for the viewing pleasure of the world, Hanna-Barbera has come out with a good number of cartoons with the first production for the TV being The Ruff and Ready Show that featured live host Jimmy Blaine and a host of other cartoons as fillers was first aired on NBC in 1957.

The Huckleberry Hound show that came in the late 1950s can be said to be the outfit’s first big break. The animated series had soaring ratings and brought cartoon stars like Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear to limelight.

Hanna Barbera

The success of the Huckleberry Hound show gave rise to several other works by the animation giant and by 1959, it began to grow into an animation leader with the introduction of another animated series in the Quick Draw McGraw, and the Flintstones in 1960. The Flintstones was an adaptation of the Honeymooners but in a fictional Stone Age portrayal. The show was aired for six seasons on ABC in prime time with ratings and merchandising success. Other cartoon productions of the studio during this same period include Top Cat, Johnny Quest, and The Jetsons.

The studio produced Loopy De Loop, a theatrical cartoon series, which was by the way the only series produced for theatres.

The outfit ventured into some action and adventure by producing animated series like Space Ghost, Frankenstein Jr., and the Impossibles. Shazzan, Birdman, the Mighty Mightor, Moby Dick and The Herculoids, are some other action cartoons from the studio.

Even after the acquisition of the company by Taft Broadcasting, production of great cartoon series continued with a mix of live action with animated comedy action to come up with great cartoons like The Banana Splits Adventure Hour and the Wacky Races. Wacky Races also had spinoffs in The Perils of Penelope, Pitstop and Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines.

Scooby-Doo brought a new dimension to the cartoon world with its introduction in 1969. The program was a perfect blend of live action sitcom, action shows and radio show from the many Loves of Dobie Gillis and I Love a Mystery. The four-teenager cartoon series was one of the most popular animated series from the stables of H-B, and this is substantiated by the subsequent production of new cartoons that featured mystery-solving and crime-fighting teenagers that were supported by their pets and mascots in the persons of Josie and the Pussycats, The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, The Funky Phantom, Speed Buggy, Captain Caveman, and a host of others.

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