Key Measurements For Planning The Perfect Dining Room

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love “ – Nate Berkus

I must agree with Nate Berkus. Creating and decorating your home without leaving your own footprint in it, is like living somewhere else. Expressing your personal taste and implementing it in your home is a must, even when designing the dining room.

Dining room chairs

Dining room may be the less frequently used area in a home, but it surely is a necessity. With that on mind, when decorating a dining room, the type and style of dining room chairs and table is something that you must take into account. But, you should not forget about the rest of your home decor, as well as your lifestyle.

Speaking of which, let’s have a look at the following things that will help you create the perfect dining room.


Traditional dining rooms can be recognized by their long, rectangular tables with classic dining room chairs. The traditional looking dining room can be also adorned with crystal type chandelier, a sideboard that provides storage for table linens and serveware, as well as with some freestanding glass-enclosed china cabinets. If you are a fan of the traditional style, you can add a fireplace, but keep in mind that these extra features and furnishings require a larger sized room.


Contemporary styled dining rooms distinguish from the traditional ones by their smaller size modern furnishings. A sideboard under the window or so, is also an acceptable option, combined for example with a fixed rectangular plank style table and smaller size dining room chairs. Do not forget about the modern glass chandelier and a wall filled with some art print collection or family photos.

Urban Combination Layout

The new urban dining rooms are the most preferred ones these days. They are recognized by their large rectangular shaped living rooms, with large windows on one and kitchen space on other end of the room, meaning that the dining area is somewhere in between. Even though there is a dining table with chairs, bar stools are a must in this urban styled home.

When it comes to choosing dining chairs, you have the whole freedom to choose ones according your personal taste. All you need is to go online, find a reliable retailer and choose between the different sizes, types, models, colours and shapes. Just do not forget to match them with the dining chair.

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