Kick Scooters Buying Guide

Playing outside can be fun, but the real fun begins with scooters. They are a great way for little kids who can’t drive a bike but want to feel like riding one, or for kids who want to add more fun while outside.

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Choosing a kick scooter for your kids can be exciting and tricky at the same time as there is a wide range of kick scooters on the market to choose from. They usually come in several styles, sizes and wheels, which makes it difficult to choose the right one for your kid. One thing is certain, once you have picked the model, go online and wait for a sale as this is the only way to buy high-quality and durable kick scooters for sale for your kids. But now, let’s have a look at our guide that will ease your search and help you find kick scooters for sale for your kids in no time.

What Is ABEC?

If you are a parent who is looking for a scooter for the first time, you may are not familiar with ABEC. ABEC is, in fact, the rating system which is applied to bearings. When looking for a scooter make sure it has higher ABEC (at least 5 bearings) since the lower the ABEC, the slower the bearings’ rotation. Higher bearings mean greater comfort and better glide.

Wheel Durability And Diameter

When it comes to wheels, large and narrow ones are ideal for unpaved roads. They make the surface imperfections smoother while providing good passability. However, you should keep in mind that these scooters are not that fast and easily maneuverable.
On the other hand, scooters wheels made of rubberized plastic or ones that have little rubber wheels are a better option for smoother surfaces, so you can easily speed up the scooter. Just keep in mind that wheel width affects the stability of a scooter, so the wider the wheels, the better stability.

Some Vocabulary

  • Deck – This is the platform where your kid will place his/her feet.
  • Fork – Fork is the part that holds the front wheel in place.
  • Headset – Headset is the part that connects the deck to the T-bar while allowing it to rotate.
  • Telescopic Handles – Telescopic handles are in fact the part that will allow your kid to vary the height of the T-bar.

How To Choose A Scooter For Your Kid?

Kick scooters come in different sizes, for both children or adults in order to accommodate specific weight ranges and heights. However, if your kid is a beginner, you can choose the three wheel scooter that offers greater stability. In case your kid is bigger and experienced, you can choose the two-wheel scooter.

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