Looking for Ac Motors For Sale? Read This

You can’t build an automation system without first securing a quality motor for automation. All automation systems like blowers, fans, pumps, power tools and machine tools use an automation motor to work. And as a buyer looking for new AC motors for sale, you need to know how they work, what brands there are on the market and how to buy the right ones. But first things first; what are Ac motors?

AC motors

AC motors are electric motors powered by alternating current, which is what the AC stands for. As the opposite DC or direct current motors, AC motors have their own advantages and disadvantages.

AC motors are used in many automation systems and their use can be divided into general purposes and vector purposes only. The power these motors use range between 1/3 and 100 horsepower units. Of course, this number depends heavily on the type of use the motors serve. For instance, new AC motor for sale that are made to serve general purposes would range in power between ½ and 10 horsepower units, and the ones used for vector or inventory purposes would normally use a lot more power.

Here are the general characteristics of the two types of motors:

  • normally people look for new AC motors for sale if they plan on building or fixing devices like ventilation fans, water pumps or similar machines within the power and speed range of the motor. General AC motors for automation use simple drive and control mechanisms to function, while there are some motors from this category utilize a pulley and a belt system together with a gearbox to reach the final result: increased drive speed, torque and other performances.
  • Contrary to general AC motors, inverter motors have increased cooling capacity and higher voltage capacity windings and harmonics. Also, they can operate at very low speeds without overheating, again, contrary to general AC motors. Inverter AC motors are often combined with sensorless vector drives creating a well-suited application that needs precise control and motor speed. Another good thing about inverter AC motors is that they produce constant torque, so many processes like drilling, grinding, turning and milling that require constant torque regardless of speed are done with machines powered by inverter AC motors.

In conclusion, depending on the main reason why would you buy an AC motor in the first place, you should choose between a general AC and an inverter AC motor. Looking for new Ac motors for sale should come down to precisely determining this reason and researching the various advantages and disadvantages every type offers.

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